In connection with my fan page "Conscious Parenting" on Facebook I am contacted daily by youth in despair, via my private mail. They ask for my guidance,support and understanding.
They want me to explain to them how humanity acts and thinks. They are confused about that, they are not being accepted for what they are.With my LOVE,I give of my time to support them via Skype or email.

This is young people from many places in our world and they needed energies from those who are able to see them for who they are,someone who listens without pointing fingers or giving advice.

In particular, there has been an additional influx since the last hurricane - they sense the vibrations, and these young souls are most receptive for the awakening, and they want peace in their lives and their body temple and they want to have the freedom to be "THEMSELVES"!

This time, more than ever, is challenging for our young people because they are closer to the truth and they feel the pressure from this 3d limited world that crashes with their own inner truth.
All I can say is:
Listen to the youth and let's stop feeling superior to them.
They came with a strong message of truth for us, they tell us about a different world that works ... LISTEN !!
They wish that we let go of what we are doing that is not working.
They wonder why we do not see this for ourselves.
They asked if I could share this with the world and this is part of my focus on Conscious Parenting and therefore I also started a group on Facebook, (some years ago): "Let's start a conscious parenting movement",for all the parents in the world who know that we can do better!

The young are indeed wiser than us, they are different and they came not to the same world that we came to,THEY came to a very busy world -a world that does not take the time to LIVE....

They are able to see what is wrong - but we do not listen.
The artistic souls , as many of them are, are the most sensitive of them , and they are reading us ALL,they know that we do the best we know how,but there is more out there than we many times are willing know and they are just trying to help, by doing what they are doing.

They keep asking me :

"Is it not time to live the "Natural" way and to follow our INNER truth, instead of letting society limit us, we who are in contact with this inner truth???"

All my LOVE to YOU who are awaken and who are able to see the truth and may we reach out our hand to those still at sleep ,without judging because we have also been there.. My warmest thoughts to all of us, young and old - we are all learning,and now it is time to LIVE our LOVE and LOVE our LIFE ...

Together we can create heaven on earth! Our kids do show us how , they do see our potential ... and fortunately many of us also now SEE what works... ;)

Here are some comments on Facebook:

Kris Costa :
You just described my 10 yr old son, Zion, to a "T". He has a hard time with his peers because he sees how things are, very clearly, and wonders why most others don't. But my little lion is strong!!!

Bernardette Kasum:
This is so true, and I am so grateful that I did listen to my children, they have taught me so much. But it was hard sometimes for me to see what they were trying to explain because I was so buried in the old passed on opinions of others that nurtured me and loved me while I was growing up. It is important to realize that no body is at fault here. That most of us have always tried to do the best for our children, and we do it out of love. To most of us, our children are our biggest treasure, so why wouldn't we listen to what they have to say?

Pierre Beeldsnijder:
You are a great master that has so much love within ! I admire your spirit to always be there for those who need you. Many people does, especially the younger ones. They do see clearly who you are and they see the great light that you always spread out :) Love you Pearl Shanti !!

Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart :
Thank you for honoring me so Beautiful Pierre Beeldsnijder - Aravind Kumar - Ariana Sha Yes this really is my Fire ... The young are so valuable and I see the light they bring with them .... I honor today's young people and see those great masters that they are ... They have big challenges as they are forced to follow the manmade world world that has lost touch with the natural ... The young ONEs are here to bring us back ..And it is my passion to help them be standing in what they came here to be ..I feel very BLESSED by your warm support ..Thank you ALL ;)


Always with LOVE

Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart

Author's Bio: 

Author, Speaker, Visionary, Wayshower

"I am here to awaken the wisdom you already have within you"
--Pearl Shanti

Welcome beautiful soul- who has travelled so far with us in this sacred is indeed an honor to meet YOU ! --Pearl Shanti


Pearl Shanti is the Founder of the fan pages Conscious Parenting, Pure From Within, Holistic Life Style, How To Give Birth as a Godess, and the group ♥ Let`s Start a Conscious Parenting Movement ♥ on Facebook and the blog

She is a regular parenting contributor for, Canada.
Moreover she is one of 7 experts who are co writhers of the book “For the love of our children “- about children with special needs.

Pearl Shanti writes contributing articles for several alternative magazines in Norway and in other countries.
She has been interviewed by major newspapers in Norway and been a guest at national and international radio shows.

She presently lives a holistic life style in the valley of longevity,Vilcabamba, Ecuador - with home school for her son Leopold.
Pearl Shanti is psycic and has seen other dimensions her whole life.