As said rightly by C. Everett Koop, life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation. It's not merely about creating life and bringing a child into the world. If you were an individual with a little to no sense of purpose in life, having a child makes everything crystal clear. Now, everything you do in your life starts revolving around your children and is for them. Every action as a parent contributes to your child's upbringing and the kind of adult they turn out to be. Too many parents make life hard for their kids by trying, too zealously, to make it easy for them. After all, the way we treat our children directly influences the way they seem themselves. Although this responsibility can start feeling like a burden if the parenting is not done the right way, without the right mindset and help. The RollingSlate App will be your saviour which will help you battle every hurdle on your quest to be a good parent.

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Yes, you heard it right. You can even listen to the detailed descriptions with the click of a button. Just sit back down, relax into the couch by that window, select one of the top parenting books, close your eyes and listen in on the guide to be a good parent for hour children.

The nurture assumption is one of the books available on RollingSlate App. Nature, the genes and nurture, the environment are the two prominent factors of human development. Many people erroneously conclude that nurture only applies to how parents raise their kids. While kids learn things from their parents, they learn from their peers a lot more. What influences their actions, modifies the traits they were born with, and formulates the kind of people they will be as they grow up in the atmosphere that kids experience with their social circle. It just hence, a lot more than what the parents provide their children, that affects them and this must be taken in their notice.

Another great parenting book which has its well-deserved slate on the app is "How to raise an adult". This book summary is your go-to if you want a guide of the various do's and don'ts for parenting your children into fine adults who are independent, kind and happy. This book, available at RollingSlate App, is a refreshing change of pace for a field that continues to make parenting seem like the world's most complicated and confusing work. Parenting is stressful for sure, but the author heads out to assert that parenting does not have to be as blood-sucking and tiring as it is for most parents. You will learn how over-parenting your child will do more harm than good to him and make him vulnerable to wrong paths of drugs and depression. We know that you only want your child's good and for him to have a good life. But the mistake lies where you start raising your children to have more than what you had. You should raise them to be more than what you were.

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