Exploring the country makes one feel like heaven and helps to meet different people all over the place. Discovering new things happen during the exploration, and this provides people with a unique and amazing experience. Everyone loves to travel to different places, during their vacations and relax. It is necessary to know the country's places, and going on a tour will aid in this aspect. In India, there are numerous places left unvisited and requires exploration. India is a beautiful country with natural resources, different cultures, food, and tradition. The residents of the country have a great opportunity to visit varied unseen places in the country. Here is the list of some top places to be visited by everyone and elated with the scenery.

Roopkund Lake – Uttarakhand

Anyone loves visiting a chilling place to get out of stress. This place is considered adventurous, and the cooling place can heal your internal wounds. The lake's bottom has skeletons under, and people who love exploring history can visit this place for the best adventurous trip. The snowy and chilling surroundings make the place more appealing to visit once to enjoy nature's beauty. You can go on a trek or have a campaign in that place and explore the reason behind those skeletons. This lake has the name mystery lake, as the original name suggests. One who loves discovering mysterious places can try visiting this lake.

Bhandardara Dam – Ahmednagar

Bhandardara Dam, called by another name Wilson Dam, is located in the Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra. People who love a silent and calm place can visit this dam. The Bhandardara lake is formed after the dam's construction, which is fed by the river called Parava River. The waterfall's circular shape makes the water flow in the shape umbrella that makes the waterfall look pretty. Those who love to enjoy the greenish surface surrounded by mountains can go for a tour to visit this dam and have an amazing tour.

Majuli – Assam

Majuli is an island with a river that has its beauty in its name itself. To reach this place, one can get the help of ferries and find himself on an adventurous trip over the island. This is an amazing water-filled place with a greenish environment and is left unseen by many. It is a good place to be discovered due to the beauty and elegance it has. Those who love traveling over the river using a ferry are a great place to be visited. As this place is disappearing daily, one can think of preserving nature by heading towards the place and making it the best tourist place.

Athirapally – Kochi

Athirapally is the place that has the largest waterfall in Kerala. This waterfall is located 78 kilometers away from Kochi. The waterfall height says itself as it is 80 feet high, which grabs everyone's attention to feel the beauty of the water falling from the height. If your soul is tired and needs some refreshment, then visiting this falls can be the best choice as it is a tranquillity filled place that makes you feel maximum calmness. It is a majestic waterfall and is a place rich in biodiversity. The rain forests make it a more attractive place and compel people to visit once in their lifetime.

Kodinhi – Kerala

Have you ever wondered about a place where many twins live? The answer to the question is Kodinhi, as there lived many twins, and the mystery is left undiscovered. It is the specialty of the place, and the phenomenon has started in the year 1949. The people living there are less in numbers and tell that the mystery water they consume is the reason behind this phenomenon. Though theories say it is something considered a mystery until today and if you are eager to visit this place, pack your belongings and start your journey.

Chopta – Uttarakhand

People love to admire the Himalayas' beauty, and this spot has the mountain admiration facility in hand. Going to Chopta, one can realize the real beauty of the Himalayan mountains by setting a camp at the place and elating the beauty. This place is a pretty spot to go and relax with nature's belongings. The place surrounded by meadows and mountains makes it more appealing and can drag many people to visit. The thick forest trails heal the internal wounds of many, making them feel real happiness and satisfaction. Start your journey towards Chopta to admire the mountain’s beauty.

Sandakphu – Darjeeling

Plants are the main elements in nature, and a place where poisonous plants grow naturally is something unique and an undiscovered place. Sandakphu is a place where we can find numerous poisonous tall plants. It is a dangerous place to visit, if you are looking for the best adventure, then plan your tour to visit this place and feel the dark side of nature.

Lepakshi – Andhra Pradesh

A divine place to visit is the temple located at Lepakshi, with a specialty of a hanging pillar. This temple is dedicated to the fiery incarnation of Lord Shiva. This temple has paintings over the walls and ceilings that describes the story of Ramayana and Mahabharata. The hanging pillar has no external support till now, and this is something unique to be discovered. Get the divine bliss from the temple and attain divinity.

Halebidu – Karnataka

For people like historians and archaeologists, this place is the best destination to discover India's ancient times. The place encompasses a sense of calmness that people can feel after visiting the place. If you are inside the temple, you tend to forget about other temples because of the temple's mysterious and unique carvings.

India is a country filled with wonders and mysteries to be discovered. It is a place that encompasses all types of adventurous places for people to feel the best. One can explore a lot more about the country by visiting the above places and discovering the mystery behind nature.

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