Places, either private or public should be provided with disability ramps to provide equal access to the old-aged, handicapped, ill or injured persons using wheelchairs or hand crutches. Removing all the barriers in the areas of public accommodations is essential to ensure that everyone gets the right to access them. Just installing wheelchair ramps for homes isn’t enough to give relief to the disabled or old members. What about their safety as they step out of the house? They should be also given access to all the important public facilities, shops or other places around the city so that they can enjoy life like any other normal person.

wheelchair ramps for homes

Here is a list of places that need to be installed with ramp solutions to ease the life of the handicapped and aged persons.

#1 Home

Home is always the first priority because what’s the point in making all other areas accessible if the disabled persons cannot just step out of their homes safely. There are wide varieties of residential wheelchair ramp solutions available from the suppliers made of wood, aluminium, or other sturdy materials. They are mostly customised and are crafted by professionals after studying the space of entryway and requirements of the households.

#2 Storefronts

These include small to large-sized storefronts, shopping malls as well as the supermarkets. While most disabled members do not go out shopping alone, ramps are essential to let them accompany an individual going for shopping.

#3 ATM counters

While most ATM counters are voice-activated to help the blind persons, they also need to have ramp solutions to allow any wheelchair-enabled person to meet their monetary needs. It is a must-have to empower them to deal with any situation of financial crisis alone when they have no one by their side.

#4 Healthcare centres

Ramps are quite a usual requirement for the hospitals, health clinics, doctor’s chambers, pathological centres and other healthcare places. Sturdy, permanent and reliable ramps are installed at every relevant place during the construction of the healthcare places to let access to wheelchairs, stretchers or prams.

#5 Educational Centres

Every child and even the ones with disability have the right to education and fulfil their dreams. So, it is essential for schools, learning centres and even libraries to have proper accessibility ramps installed to ensure that every student can get into their premise and learn to fulfil their dreams.

#6 Restaurants

Families that have an old member depending on wheelchairs or a handicapped person can too enjoy dining out together and spent jovial time if restaurants are equipped with ramps. Restaurant outlets often do not have enough space in their entrance and so they can make the entire entrance sliding with a well-designed ramp.

#7 Recreational Parks

Do not forget about recreational parks as they are the best places for a person to enjoy some quality time alone or with some companions. While most parks have multiple doorways, at least one entry should be fitted with a grass-covered ramp solution to enable the wheelchair-enabled persons to enter.

Having all these mentioned places installed with ramps is what a truly disabled-accessibility city need. Many public places are still not friendly to people with disabilities and are not allowing them to enjoy their life completely. So, let’s begin with making our residence safer and accessible to them with wheelchair ramps for homes and then spread the urge to equip all public accommodation places with ramps.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a trained physiotherapist and an instructor at an online ramps supplier who helps its furnishing designers to craft right and safe wheelchair ramps for homes. He is a writer in his free time and enumerates ideas to lay residential wheelchair ramp, commercial ramps and ramps at public places.