Nepal is the trekking destination with a lot of trekking places situated in different places in the country. The historical route is now popular as the trekking routes in Nepal. According to the geographical structure of the country, those trekking experience is the best experience you will ever get in other parts of the world. Some of the best trekking destinations are Everest base camp trek, Annapurna base camp trek, Nar Phu valley trek are regarded as the most popular destination in Nepal. Those trekking are of course not easy to do. You must have more patient and motivate to take a challenge on yourself to do such adventure trekking in Nepal.
Trekking needs different equipment such as them are bags, boots, sweater, jacket, and different first aids, etc. Trekking must include the more care of your health and needed some health equipment while you are doing trekking in the different places of the country. On any kind of trekking, we have to carry at least some of the important medical kits with yourself. Before preparing the list of the different medical kits do not carry more weight because it will make to uncomfortable to carry it. So carry at least most important medical kits which are only necessary.

Some of the medical equipment required for trekking in Nepal
Some General medicine is
-If you have cough or coughing arrives when you doing your trekking you should take cough syrup,
-To reduce muscle pain and fever take combliflam but take crocin or dolo 65 for high fever,
-Disprin is normally using for mild headache and it is important that never take it when you are at altitude place. Instead of the medicine drink a lot of water and rest quite,
-I have begun the problem of acidity you must take zintac, aciloc, rantac or omez, any kinds of medicine related to acidity can be taken for the near medical,
-For any kinds of skin allery, there may be Allegra should be taken from the medical,
- If vomiting occurs in the journey of trekking take vomit stop with you and it must be used only when required at the high altitude, most need to drink more and more amount of water and try to rest more and more,
-Take avomine with you for any kind of motion sickness or nausea amnd try not to use in the high altitude. Try to check your acidity level too.
-Any kinds sneezing, cold and problem may happen during your trek take cetirizine with you and take decold safety for Dcold,
-For the safety of mosquito repellent take cream for the protection against insects,
-For the cure for abdominal pain or cramps, spasmodic should take to you,
-Take strepsils for the sore throat kinds of problem,
-Take antibiotics or azithromycin for infections and make sure that do not take antibiotics at the high altitude and also descend it when the problem persists,

For the cure of the stomach
-Take some ORS sachets for the dehydration during trekking,
-Take Norflox TZ for any kinds of loose motion, amoebic dysentery or the bacterial infection should be taken with you and do not forget to take at least three tablets for the complete dose,
-Take Loparmide or Lomotil for the loose motion or to stop the motion,
- Some Eno, Dizine should take with your gas, acidity problem and for indigestion respectively,

Some of the medicine should be taken for altitude sickness
-For the prevention of the symptoms of AMS take Diamox of 125 mg to 500 mg depending on the severity on the time interval of 12 to 24 hour until return to safe altitude place,
-To prvent, the symptoms of HACE of 4 mg to 8 mg of Dexamethasone should take to you depending on the severity. You should descend not climb for that trekking place.
Some of the above important medical equipment needed for treking activities. Before the conduction of the trekking, programs try to make a quick research on the medical needs required in the trekking time.

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