Creating a successful product and following for that product is never a simple task. You are truly drawing a very fine line in the sand with what you can and cannot do. Thanks to spam and scam projects that have taken the internet world by storm, the rules today are much stricter in regard to what you can do with your website and what you can't do, as well. In order to have success with list building, you have to avoid spamming at all costs. It might seem like a great idea to send 5,000 unsolicited emails just because you can, but that is a good way to get in bad with your potential customers.

If you are looking to add an audience and be successful with list building, here are some ideas that you can use to get the job done.

Have a contest. People love winning things, even if the 'thing' is intangible. You will have better success with actual prizes, but theoretical winnings are often just as glorifying for people. It is a way to generate interest and make people feel special, all while building your list.

Give something away. Whether it is a free trial of a product or service or just something that you can get on the cheap to promote yourself, people love free stuff. Exchange a cool logo pen for an email signup, or even a trial of your product/service so that they will give you their information.

Write a free ezine on your product or industry. Again, people like free things and when they can get free information that is really important and relevant, they will jump at the opportunity. You can also offer free success articles and other free written materials to get people on board.

Remember that quality is more important than quantity. Getting 500 people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer is far better than getting 1,000 people who might have an interest, but just wanted whatever you were giving away. With the larger group, you have more people on your list but you are basically “taking a craps shoot” to see if anyone will bite. With the smaller, more targeted list, you will have higher conversion rates.

You CAN succeed with list building without spamming anyone if you are willing to invest the effort. These days, many people are skeptical about giving out their email address but if you show them that they are getting something in return, you will have a much more successful time with list building.

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Jerri Mobley Palumbo is the founder of Virtually Achieved, The Online Entrepreneur's Assistant. She and her company help online business owners develop a presence on the internet through marketing, product launches, website development, and public relations. Her specialties include product development and product launches, from inception to completion. For more information visit