Amongst those women, one such trailblazer is Lisa Ladds Doche, who has significantly contributed to the wealth management industry by helping individuals, families and businesses make personalized financial decisions about their future. Lisa serves as a Managing Director at the Doche Financial Consulting Group with Baird Private Wealth Management.

We, at Insights Success a top business magazines, caught up with Lisa to unveil her entrepreneurial journey, her viewpoint towards the wealth management industry, and her role as founding partner of the Doche Financial Consulting Group

Shaping the Direction of the Industry

The Doche Financial Consulting Group, has close to 69 years of collective experience. This does not include the extensive support and resources it has through the internal experts and wealth management specialists within Baird. Because Baird is employee owned, everyone shares a personal stake in the successes Lisa and her team help create for their clients.

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