Generating quality leads for your business is a daunting task. A lot of business people especially beginners may end up giving up on this process. However, you can’t just do that because you need customers for your business to remain standing and running. Fortunately,
LinkedSelling can be the solution you need.

What is LinkedSelling?

LinkedSelling is a stepwise training program (B2B Company) that mainly helps businesses in generating quality leads. This program focuses on ensuring that you get the needed customers in your business for increased sales and profits.

It lets you enjoy a consistent flow of appointments as well as clients who highly likely convert into profitable customers. The program was developed by a lead generation expert, Josh Turner.

How does LinkedSelling Work?

With a dedicated team of experts, LinkedSelling is diligently helping its customers to generate high-prospect leads. It's doing that using Linkedln, content marketing, Facebook, outgoing email, etc. Each month, the customers (businesses) get a constant new leads flow. That contributes to a steady and rising profits flow.

Who needs LinkedSelling?

LinkedSelling is helpful to both individuals and businesses. This program is for holistic professionals, coaches, advisers, R.E. agents, healers, financial advisors, advertising services, etc.

Additionally, it works well for all types of consultants and coaches regardless of the field of specialization. It’s literally for every business offering service.

What do Members get?

LinkedSelling offers everything needed to develop a reliable system that enables you to get appointments, customers, and leads each month. Therefore, LinkedSelling provides your business with these services:

LinkedIn Ads Management

With more than 15 years of experience, LinkedSelling offers top-notch service as far as social media Ads campaigns are concerned. LinkedSelling has developed and enhanced a Blueprint it has rightly labeled S.C.A.L.E presented as follows:

Success Metrics/Planning: LinkedSelling sets achievable and applicable campaign aims. It additionally sets up a strategy to accomplish them.

Control: It entirely controls the process of lead generation and makes sure your needed monthly leads’ objectives are met.

Audience/Qualification: LinkedSelling gets you quality leads with a high likelihood of converting into buying customers.

Lead Collection/Appointment: LinkedSelling keeps you busy by offering a variety of quality prospects.

Everyday Optimization: It continuously reviews your campaigns to decrease your lead scale/costs.

Training Programs

This training helps to ensure that your business stays updated with accurate tactics and principles of lead generation. Also, it helps you in achieving your leads’ objectives each month. You can access the training through the Linked University platform or The LinkedSelling Platinum Community.

Automation Tools

Through the Connect365 automation software, you’ll be in a position to send personalized and customized emails. Moreover, you’ll fully automate the following-up process of emails.

LinkedIn campaign management

LinkedSelling offers a dedicated process that finds for your business quality prospects using Linkedln or email. It utilizes every resource to ensure that it has nurtured these leads to the point of becoming profitable customers.
Furthermore, since LinkedSelling has a lot of experience, it helps you build an authority in your field of specialization. Lastly, LinkedSelling does most of the work when it comes to generating leads. That leaves you with enough time to focus on your business building and extension.


Your business can’t get any better without quality leads that have a high probability of converting into paying customers. LinkedSelling offers you a one-of-a-kind solution to lead generation processes. Furthermore, the company does most of the work for you. That leaves you with ample time to focus, nurture and build a significant and long-lasting relationship with your customers.

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