Everyone recognises the need to produce a website for online business yet still so many companies believe that producing the website is beginning and the end of the process. They are often willing to spend thousands of pounds of a professional website without questioning the web development company on their skills in marketing their website. This is often known as SEO optimisation.

Link building Services is essential for website optimisation. On the internet there are hundreds if not thousands of companies just like yourself, selling the same products and services and all competing for the same customers. How are you going to get your website noticed by these potential customers? Quite simply you need to rank on the first page of Google so that when the potential customers search for your services they can see your website in the search engine results.

Search engine optimisation is a host of techniques to get your website noticed. Now the difficulty is that all other competitive websites want to achieve this too. They all want their websites to rank highly on the search engine for the same keywords which have a high number of monthly searches and words with high commercial intention.

One method of getting a higher search engine placement is SEO link building. Google uses many different elements to determine page rank. Links are extremely important to Google and the more links you have pointing to your website from other websites the higher you will rank. These links need to meet a certain criteria. Firstly, they must be of a high quality. All websites are given an authority ranking by the search engines such as Google and Yahoo. The higher the quality of the page your link sits on, the better it is for your ranking. The links must also be from different websites. This means that each website your link is on, must come from an IP address different from all of the others.

Furthermore, the links must be permanent and one way. At one point in time, reciprocal links were the most common. You link to an important website and they link back to you. However, today more importance is given to one way links.

How can your website get these high quality one way links? You need professional SEO services who can create a link building campaign and build organic links for you through bookmarking your content, submitting your website to directories, article and post submissions and blog commenting on forums and by creating a social media campaign. Using link building services is an essential on-going service that will improve the search engine ranking of your website and increase visitors to your website.

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Elizabeth Conley is a Communication and online marketing consultant, helping businesses around Dorset and Hampshire to improve their search engine ranking position on Google and other search engines.

"I use a fusion of PR and Search Engine Optimisation techniques to help online businesses reach the potential customers who are searching for their services. This is achieved through a combination of keyword research, web development services, SEO copywriting and link building services." Link Building Services SEO Services UK Affordable SEO