Despite the progress made over the years, gender equality is sadly far away in the workplace and it is essential to advocate for change. Women are at the heart of development, and it is a matter of fact they would bring greater advantages within companies if given more representation. One of Linda Grasso’s main commitments is empowering Women in Tech, since she strongly believes sustainability and gender equality are the key to world’s economic development. The fourth industrial revolution is driving the workforce transformation and she believes it is important to analyze how women are involved in building the future of work; she states that companies must build future strategies that also work for women. Linda is the Chief Operating Officer of Digital Business Innovation srl. Digital Business Innovation srl is a digital business transformation consulting firm. Strategy, Technology and Influence are its three important pillars.

Operational and Strategic Approach

Since Linda was a child, she has always enjoyed doing activities that required ingenuity, challenging herself and discovering new things. When it came to choose which university path she should take, she had no doubts: engineering was the right one. After getting a master’s degree with honors and practicing as industrial engineer, she started pursuing a business career she was passionate about. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” is an inspiring quote by Confucius, and Linda strongly believes in it. So, she embarked on a path as Chief Operating Officer at Digital Business Innovation, an Italian innovative startup active in the world of consulting. Her mission in the company is the project management in the field of the so-called Industry 4.0, harnessing the power of the emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, Blockchain, Cyber Security, 5G, and more, through both operational and strategic approach.

Innovative and Open-Minded Spirit

Technology is highly disruptive in several industry verticals and can bring lots of benefits in business processes. Digital Business Innovation helps companies, both SMEs and Global Brands, demystifying the paradigm shift of digital transformation to thrive in a revolutionary future. Working as an executive certainly involves lots of responsibilities: manage different aspects and reach high performances, optimize time, and cost, and coordinate the pieces of the puzzle so they can fit together. But Linda really likes her job, she considers it as very inspiring; and whenever desired results are achieved, she feels highly satisfied. Her life motivation to do always better and never stop learning – indeed, she believes that adopting an open mind strategy is crucial to survive in an evolving world. Everything that deals with innovation fascinates her!

Adapting New Skills to Thrive Together

Nowadays, there are several forces that are changing the nature of work, such as the transformation of sectors and roles due to automation, the demand for digital skills, and the emergence of new work models, and Linda encourages to look at how these trends may impact working women and intersect with existing barriers to women’s economic empowerment. In her humble opinion, “the answer to the real progress lies in our ability to apply humanity to the new changes that arise, and humanity cannot absolutely ignore the achievement of gender equality to create a more inclusive world where we can combine skills to thrive together.”

Thought Leadership

Furthermore, Linda is highly active on social media professionally and particularly she likes to share insightful content on Twitter and LinkedIn. When she finds something juicy about her key topics, such as technology, digital transformation, innovation, business strategy, sustainability, and women empowerment, she tries to deepen and enrich her knowledge. She is aware that in today’s interconnected world we have powerful tools not only to acquire knowledge but also to spread it with other people. And that is what she tries to do – her audience notices the quality of content and, to keep them engaged, she reaches their interest by conveying useful notions and giving a unique value. She is glad when people appreciate her commitment, and she enjoys being recognized an influencer in her business field. Influencer marketing is the new paradigm in the enterprise communication strategy and raising awareness on thought leadership is she considers particularly important.

Enjoying the Journey While Learning

Linda’s tip for the young women is following what really fascinates them. And if it is STEM, they are most welcome: it is an interesting field and there are excellent job perspectives. There are so many things to learn in science, technology, engineering, and math, so why not? Plus, she believes that we really need more inspiring women in this field. In her small way, she does her best to encourage women to be brave and never stop in front of bias. She believes that women need to make a difference, building a better future and leaving no one behind. When asked about where do Linda sees herself in the future? She answers that she likes to live her life day by day and set no limits. She says that she does not know what the future holds for her, but she hopes it to be something surprising. Meanwhile, she would like to enjoy the journey!

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