Young Merry Real International Group, the Chinese-based medical beauty company and a pioneer of the health, youth, beauty” concept, is cracking down on fake physicians and knockoff products with more intensity.

A few months ago, eight Chinese ministries and commissions, including the National Health Commission, jointly issued the Special Action Plan for the Rectification of Medical Chaos, aiming at strengthening medical order, cracking down, and rectifying medical chaos such as medical fraud and false propaganda among other medical sharp practices.

Young Merry Real has been at the receiving end of medical duplicity. The company recently published a statement on its Official Accounts stating that, Lin Liquan, one of its formerly employed clinic physicians, has ceased to serve in its clinic since April 28, 2016, and solemnly declaring that, since the date of this statement, all of his medical business activities outside are individual acts.

According to the company president, Ms. Wenhong Yu: “Taking advantage of his working experience with us, Lin Liquan took away our customer information without authorization when he resigned. He established a fake medical institution called “XX INTERNATIONAL” in Guangzhou that imitated Young Merry Real and has been conducting health and beauty business activities externally in the name of Young Merry Real. It is reported that the victim, Ms. L, has reported it to the police. To that effect, we also issued a statement stating that we will pursue the legal responsibilities of those getting involved.

Speaking about their services, president Yu Wenhong, said: “Young Merry Real is an all-embracing platform with a wide reach, strength, and confidence, and always keeps pace with the tide. Here, all new and old partners are welcomed to cooperate for a win-win situation. Together, all will perform Young Merry Real’s mission and make everyone healthy, young, and beautiful.”

When sensitising the public, Manager Qian of the Legal Affairs Department of Young Merry Real said: “fake physicians mainly appear in illegal practicing places such as hotels, beauty salons or studios. Before doing a consultation, consumers should check if the physician holds a physician’s license and be aware that the nurse should have a nursing certificate and other trainings needed.”

The Young Merry Real” beauty institution was established in Hangzhou in 1993. It was honored as a five-star international medical clinic with tentacles spread to other business segments such as brand image operation center, hospital management, health management, and cultural & artistic planning. The conglomerate is a famous brand in the health and beauty industry ably headed by its President and serial philanthropist, Ms. Wenhong Yu.

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Young Merry Real International Group, the Chinese-based medical beauty company and a pioneer of the health, youth, beauty” concept.