Don't call your broker or dump your stock. General Electric's global empire is alive and well. The company founded by Thomas Alva Edison in 1890 is not closing their doors, but heads might roll if Mr. Edison were riding with my wife and I down Evans Road in Melbourne, Florida last Saturday evening.

GE has had a major presence here for several years and frankly I usually don't pay any attention to their large office building which I've driven past dozens if not hundreds of times.

Saturday as we drove by I happened to look up when I saw the ultimate example of irony. At first I laughed and then I said, "Stop the car! Pull over. Pull off the road. Pull into that parking lot". "Why?. "I want to take a picture."

I jumped out of the car, grabbed my iphone and snapped a picture - half the lights in the Large Logo Sign on top of the GE Headquarters were burned out!

Perhaps Mr. Edison would be glad the E was still working, but I'm pretty sure that the man who invented the light bulb would say more than, "Gee", if he discovered half his logo burned out. After all this is the very invention that he made this comment about, " The electric light has caused me the greatest amount of study and has required the most elaborate experiments..."

Since my specialty is helping business owners and entrepreneurs build their brand and use free publicity to keep their name in the spotlight, you may be wondering why I'm razzing a local GE office over a few burned out light bulbs.

It's because every day hundreds of high paid engineers, designers and technicians walk into this building along with even higher paid executives charged with carrying forth the great Name, Brand and Mission of General Electric.

They obviously haven't noticed what I noticed.

They obviously haven't noticed what I am certain Mr. Edison would have noticed.

Why? Because in the hectic pace of daily business it is easy for us to stop noticing little things that ultimately effect the image we are portraying to our current and potential clients.

I'm sure that sign burned brightly for years and I'm sure your storefront, lobby or waiting room to your office used to look great too.

If you work online like I do then I'm sure the home page of your website used to be cutting edge and your headshot on your Linked in account and the cover of your Facebook Business page were the latest in design.

But, what about now?

Every day you walk in to your work place or log in to your blog, or website or social media sites. Do you notice things that don't look great anymore?

Here is One Simple Strategy to you can apply today to make sure you are presenting Your Brand the way you used to, the way you want to, the way you NEED to in order to stay on top.


Don't ask your employees because they'll be afraid to tell you the truth.

Don't ask your spouse or friends, they may be afraid of hurting your feelings.

Ask your current or prospective customers, clients or patients.

When your next customer, client or patient walks in the door ask them these questions:

Could you do me a favor? I'd really appreciate your honest opinion.

What is your first impression when you drive up, walk up, come into my store/office/business?

Do you think we present a top quality professional business or do we need a makeover?

If you work online use Twitter, Facebook, or your Email List to ask the same type questions:

Does my website, blog or e-store design look modern and professional?

Do you think my site/blog needs a makeover?
What do you think of my logo, Fanpage cover image etc?

Don't do this analysis yourself because you are used to things they way they are, and may prefer to keep them that way.

Ask the actual people you want and need to reach and serve.

Listen to their suggestions, thank them, and let them know after you've implemented their ideas.

The good news is, even of your name is GE and your G is burned out, most image problems are easy to fix!

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