Lights! Camera! Action!

I would say that somehow rather films have been a great part of our lives. These films can sometimes become ideals in life. We often follow by these films regardless of positive or negative. The impact of modern day cinema varies amongst the type, genre or execution of such films; thus becoming different sorts of ideals. Wait, I thought this was supposed to be related to Nature’s Laws right ? Actually, it is very much related to these topics.

Our sub-conscious, or as we call it, the ‘300- pound gorilla’ is constantly being programmed every second with components such as DNA, RNA and most importantly our current thoughts. We as ordinary humans come across tons of films throughout our lives. Hence, we could hypothesize ourselves with the positive messaged films, that will bring upon positive impacts, and negative messaged films, that will bring upon negative impacts in our lives.

For example, if you’re a horror addict, naturally you are scared of simple things such as abandoned houses, creepy noises or electrical blackouts. If you crave heavy romantic dramas, you naturally attract more attractive men or women towards you and you get really emotional during break-ups. If you are a conflict lover ( those serial drama lovers), you will attract scenarios in life where you get extremely angry at simple conflicts and eventually add fuel to the fire.

This relates back to the Law of Vibration and Attraction ( ), as our sub-conscious mind sends out powerful vibrations based on its programming; and thus it attracts the scenarios, people, places, etc... needed. As per what we know, the films we watch play a crucial role in our programming. It’s about time we become aware of this situation and take necessary actions to overcome this problem. WATCH THE THINGS WE WATCH!

Try watching some good movies which highlight the beauties in life to help reprogram your subconscious. For pregnant maidens, I would suggest watching biographies, documentaries and mind blowing science films to help your growing child understand things even better. Stay away from conflictual dramas. But even that being said, it all depends on how you perceive these films, which will be a topic for another day.


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