We are going to learn how to get the most out of decorating with flowers at home, for which we have prepared a series of tips with which we will help you to know the main advantages of this type of decoration, as well as to discover some of the more interesting and trending ideas today.

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The advantages of using decorative flowers

Flowers are a very natural aesthetic resource that helps to create pleasant and even very beneficial environments for health.

You should not forget that in your day to day you absorb large doses of stress, you have to fulfill many obligations, solve problems, etc., and precisely that link with nature that is established from the decoration with flowers, is the one that most It will help not only to recover, but also to reduce the negative effect of these experiences.

In this way, some of the advantages that the flowers will transmit to you are:

We recover the link with the natural environment.
They help purify the environment .
Flowers are proven to help improve mood.
It is an element that instills joy.
It is a positive occupation that will help you feel better every day.
It communicates good feelings and transmits a very positive effect.
You will improve the aroma of any room.
They are essential for reducing carbon dioxide levels and increasing oxygen levels.

As we can see, introducing flowers in our day to day will bring us great advantages, but how exactly should you do it?

Ideas for decorating with flowers

If you have made the decision to incorporate flowers into your decoration , we have prepared a series of ideas with which you will be able to create a much more effective combination that provides better results.

The best plants and flowers to decorate

First of all, surely one of your main doubts is what type of plant or flower is best for decoration, or if it is more interesting to buy bouquets every day or every several days, or directly place pots with different plants.

This aspect is truly personal, since it will be based on your tastes and of course also on your needs, that is, it is not the same to want to decorate a room with a small vase or centerpiece, than to directly choose to introduce plants that little by little they will grow and thus modify the sensations within the room in which we have placed them.

Of course, remember that plants require some care, which also provides important benefits since it will keep you busy both when watering them and when pruning them, transplanting them, etc.

Decoration with artificial plants

There is another alternative, which are large artificial plants , which are especially ideal for indoors for a simple reason, and that is that it is the only way that you will be able to have a large plant , but without space problems over time. and as it grows as it would if it were a natural plant.

In this sense, we have the possibility of finding both indoor plants and artificial outdoor plants , the latter being much more resistant to inclement weather, including from rains to changes in temperature, direct sun, etc.

Either way, when decorating with artificial plants , it is true that you lose some of the advantages that we have listed above, but it is also a good way to increase the volume of vegetation in any environment without raising the demands on its care.

Combining the colors with decorative flowers

A very important aspect that you should be clear about when incorporating both plants and flowers in the home is the possible combination of colors that you will be able to make.

It is interesting that you study well the environment of the room or location in which you want to place them, so that you have to consider whether the objective is to opt for an element that fits into the decoration and almost goes unnoticed, or on the contrary you want to create a contrast that draws attention from the moment we enter the room.

For example, in a room where light tones such as white predominate, placing red roses combined with daffodils can help direct the gaze towards that point to everyone who enters.

The trick of the mirror in the decoration with flowers
If you do not have much time and you choose to have few plants at home, or you do not have much space and you do not want to put excessively large pots or vases, mirrors can make the perfect game to create the feeling that the plant or bouquet of flowers is much bigger than it really is.

All you have to do is place the vase or pot near a mirror to achieve this effect from the main perspectives of the room.

Bouquets, centerpieces, flowerpots ...

What is the best alternative?

There is no better choice than another, since both bouquets and flowerpots and centerpieces with flowers are options to consider and, in addition, they combine perfectly.

This means that you do not have to give up some to use others, but the ideal is that you maximize your perspectives and possibilities by taking advantage of all the alternatives.

Taking into account all these recommendations, you will see that decoration with flowers can completely change your home, offering a much more pleasant, natural environment and above all perfectly adapted to this rhythm of life in which we need to feel in a more grateful and personal environment .

Lighting in flower decoration

The type of light, or the placement of the plants in the decoration, are important factors that you must take into account when planning their arrangement.

Natural light in the home

Plants especially need natural light, so it is always good to find a space in your home that gives you enough light that you need. Near a window, skylight or access to a terrace.

The choice of plants will determine their placement.Since there are types of plants that need a lot of light and others that are especially recommended for indoor use and that do not require much light or much water.

Artificial light in the home

If you are going to use artificial plants, they can be placed in any area of ​​the house and take advantage of the available light points to give it a decorative point. They can be illuminated with a ceiling spotlight, accompanied by a table lamp next to a hall, and thus, enhance their splendor. There are also lights that can be placed inside the planter and generate an indirect light that is projected from the bottom up.


Your home is a unique space that you can decorate as it best makes you feel on a daily basis, and plants are highly recommended to provide a point of color that gives you a feeling of nature and life. In short, inner peace.

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