1) Life is a difficult road

2) The secret of life—perseverance

3) Money is but one selection from the buffet of life cjp

4) Our lessons in life are not always easy, but always necessary

5) As you ramble on through life focus on donut rather than the hole

6) Some of life’s most valuable things have no price

7) Live in the universe of potential and possibility, rather than the life of pessimism and pain Cjp

8) The spoken word becomes pale, the written word is cemented into life

9) We may do better to focus on how we will use our lives and pay more attention to living our lives Cjp

10) You are either living your life or your life is living you Cjp

11) Let life live Cjp

12) You greatest defense in life is being who you are

13) Let life wear you open to God rather than wear out to oblivion

14) I paint my life with the colors of Love, kindness and tolerance Cjp 6/16

15) in the beginning of life one is under construction, in later years it’s more about reconstruction Jean Salter Roetter

16) Enjoy the little things in life for one day you may look back and realize that they were big things

17) The fountain of life is purer than the fountain of youth

18) Time Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time; for that's the stuff life is made of. -- Ben Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanac, 1746

19) A life is made one relationship a time

20) Life plans your life

21) We make our plans and life makes other plans for us

22) Life has glitches

23) Do you live life or does life live you?

24) One of the best ways to get a life is to make a life

25) Life is not going to be someday, it is now

26) Many would do well to live life as if there were to be a tomorrow, for today’s are but yesterday’s tomorrow

27) Living well yesterday does not insure living well today

28) It is the fool that lives each day like tomorrow may never come.

29) The book of life is brief, fill every page and make every chapter worthwhile

30) Mediation- for the rest of your life

31) becomes the victim, when lies go unpunished

32) Mediation- mindful rest of your life

33) Failures are but fouls in the game of life

34) Retirement- that time in life when you are so busy and everyone wonders why

35) Life is short live it up

36) “I am going to stop directing and become part of life's traffic. " ..... #1 : jj Moser : guru Moses ,

37) Some of life’s greatest puzzles, do not require you to put the pieces together

38) Now- the time of your life

39) Many things in life cannot be bought with money, and yet for many of those things money can have a strong influence

40) A convicts life in the can on the can and out of the can

41) Living life is akin to playing cards. It’s not as important the cards that you were dealt but rather what you do with the cards that you were dealt

42) Sometimes the hardest decision in life is which bridge to cross and which one to burn Unknown

43) Some people live many lives and have the love of their life for each one

44) In the war of life, you may win several battles but you will never win the war

45) The word evil spells live backwards and to live life backwards is evil, to live we must reverse evil

46) Life is about taking shots, and some are made and others are missed

47) As you are in your mind you are in your life

48) A sacrificial life for one is but a normal life for another

49) There are no worthwhile shortcuts on the journey of life

50) Suicide- a dead end shortcut to life

51) Live life on the front page rather than in the obituaries

52) If you do a good job in all areas of your life, then you are superior

53) Life’s big instruction book --- The Bible

54) Hard times are the weeds in the garden of life

55) Hard times if properly fed, become the seeds that produce the fruit of life

56) Much of what we have in life is a result of people thinking small

57) Some of the best views are found on the peaks and in the valley’s of life

58) In life we often find that what we need to hear conflicts with what we want to hear

59) Even Einstein would do things differently if he had his life to do over

60) Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, and a tragedy for the poor- unknown

61) From the unborn—life is wasted on the living

62) There is but one exit on life’s road

63) Fishing for life is quite different than the recreational fishing of today

64) Some people live in yesterday, some live in yesteryear, and still others live in fantasy land

65) In life we find that at times we are the wolf, and at others the sheep

66) there are circumstances in ones life that require one to put all his eggs in one basket

67) life is not broken, so there is no need to fix it

68) we are all soldiers in life and as good soldiers, we must follow our commander

69) when we are young we are not content walking through life, when we get old we pray to be able to walk

70) when we are young we are not content walking through life, when we get old we pray to be able to walk

71) Life treats you good if you treat life good -- John Moser

72) One can devote a lifetime mastering the basics

73) You spend your life multiplying you money only to see it divide when you pass on cjp 11/22/06

74) Give a man enough rope to stem the tides of life

75) The greatest tragedy is one who lives a life without sacrifice, for without sacrifice one has not really lived

76) Are you looking at life or is life looking at you

77) Why be content with just a slice of life, when god offers you everlasting life

78) To are carpenter life is about screwing, getting screwed, getting nailed, and getting hammered

79) The most important thing in life.....God

80) The most powerful force in life..............love

81) Memory is the invisible ink by which your life is written

82) Suicide and abortion are the twin dead end forks on life’s road

83) 5 minutes of inspiration followed up with action is worth more than a lifetime of inaction

84) Pod casting is the new source of life-- Paul O’Brien

85) Horse shoes parallels life in some ways in the you can still win even if you miss the target

(c) Tuchy Palmieri June 6th 2011

© Tuchy palmieri permission is granted to reprint any and all of this



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