How many times have you heard someone say that they wish that they had learned to play the piano? Or they wish that they had learned to draw? Or they wish they had learned how to play tennis?

Have you noticed that the thing people wish for always seems to be something creative? And the white elephant in the room, the unasked is question is… why haven’t you?

And the answer: because they aren’t committed enough to take the time to practice and perfect it.

I think it’s easier not to do something than it is to try something new. When we try something new, we aren’t going to be very good at it. And when we aren’t good at something, we tend to judge ourselves harshly. We seem to think that we shouldn’t do anything if we can’t do it well immediately.

If you think about that you’ll see that it doesn’t make sense. Let me give you an example, when a baby is learning how to walk they stumble and fall – a lot! But what they don’t do is stop trying. They keep trying until they learn how to balance without falling and then they do something even more amazing – they keep trying! It’s true. Babies keep trying to walk until they succeed. And once they have experienced the joy of mobility, they keep doing it until they are experts.

And that’s the key. You don’t start off as an expert; you practice and learn until you become an expert. And practice takes time, it takes commitment and it takes dedication.

There’s a difference between commitment and interest. When we’re interested in doing something we only do it when it’s convenient and when it’s easy. When we’re committed to something we make time for it and we keep working at it until we achieve our goal.

The good news? You can do and achieve anything you desire, if you want to and if you’re willing to do the work necessary.

And now an example from my own life. This article was a little short for me, so I handed it to my daughter (who’s a great writer), asked her to take a look and add a paragraph with an example to help me out. Here’s what she wrote, “Take those stories of CEO’s who quit their six-figure job to pursue something they’ve always loved that doesn’t pay nearly the same amount. Because they’re committed and dedicated to their new pursuit they keep trying and working and they’re often successful. I don’t know, Mom. I’m tired and hungry and you’re making me write. Boo.”

As you can see, my lack of commitment was joined by her lack of commitment and we have an example of a lack of dedication! Had she been committed, she would have given us a much better example to work with!

You get the point. ☺ It takes effort and continued dedication to be successful at anything. You just have to stick with it.

What’s the Feng Shui Lifestyle™ connection? Living a Feng Shui Lifestyle™ is about living a life in balance and harmony with who you are and what you desire.

When we stop ourselves from learning and growing, we stop ourselves from embracing our creative potential. We block energy. And when we block energy we are out of alignment and balance.

Living a Feng Shui Lifestyle™ supports balance, growth and opportunity, in all things – including you.

What have you always wished you could do? Get out there and make it happen, all it takes is your commitment and time.

Author's Bio: 

Laurie Bornstein is a Feng Shui coach, author, speaker and teacher. Her business, Harmony Life LLC, blends methods and techniques from holistic design, the principles of Feng Shui and the power of life coaching. Laurie is one of the 12 teachers in the world certified to teach beginning and advanced Interior Alignment and to teach and certify new Interior Alignment teachers. She is one of the original Interior Alignment Board members and remains actively involved as a member of the Advisory Board. Laurie is active in the International Feng Shui Guild where she serves as both the CEO and the Education Director; working to establish standards for practitioners and schools within the Feng Shui community. Laurie Bornstein, Professional Interior Alignment Feng Shui Teacher, Author, Speaker, Life Coach and Business on Purpose Marketing Expert. Offering Interior Alignment Certification, seminars, one-on-one and group coaching for Feng Shui professionals, and women entrepreneurs.