To understand disease management through Ayurveda it would be better to discuss the Ayurveda its origin and its benefits in detail.
The origin of Ayurveda
This is an ancient medicine based treatment that was developed by Brahmins who lived in ancient India. The word Ayurveda means Life knowledge. A research revealed that ayurveda practises began in 4000B.C Study has revealed that Ayurveda and Chinese medicine have a lot of similarity.
The main objective of Ayurveda Pacakges is to find a connection between the mind and the body. This helps to prevent serious diseases from entering into our bodies. This medicinal method is said to strengthen the mind and the body and form a strong bond between the two. This helps to balance the three Pitta, Vatha and Doshas Kapha.
Ayurveda has stated that people’s health and their mind are related, so if this relation is broken under any circumstances then it can cause an individual’s health to sink.
Ayurveda concentrates on the usage of medicines made from various herbs and various massage techniques to heal any ailments no matter how complicated it may be. These methods are known to restore the lost balance within the body. It would be wise to seek advice before using any ayurvedic product, trying to use them on your own may cause some side effects, which can be completely avoided by using the Ayurveda products and medicines under the expert guidance.
Different people have different ailments and their bodies respond differently to treatments too. Therefore Ayurveda in this case focuses on a customized treatment rather than a general treatment. The treatment will vary depending on the anatomy, age and physical condition of the patient in question. The results of the treatment differ from person to person as per their body type, which is why the medicines or treatments given to individuals are based on their respective body types.
Ayurveda firmly believes that the health of a person depends on his or hers connection with nature. Ayurveda also teaches people various meditation techniques by which one can connect with the forces of nature. This promotes a strong bond between man and nature.
Ayurveda can cure many lifestyle diseases like depression, blood pressure , heart problems and weight issues to name a few. These can be cured by getting a person to believe in the treatment by raising his or her self-esteem through meditation. Ayurveda has already become very popular all over the world. The medicines are formulated based on the patient’s condition and the intensity of any disease. Nowadays doctors usually encourage people to go in for Ayurvedic medicines rather than using harsh drugs. The western countries have become so receptive to the concept of Ayurveda that many universities have started teaching ayurveda in their campuses and have had quite a bit of success. So if you are in need to fight some disease without using any harsh drug of any kind you can go in for ayurvedic medicines as they are made from natural resources from the very lap of mother earth. Ayurveda in Kerala an ancient science of treating diseases by uniting the mind and the body is widely practiced in the modern world.

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