Many years ago, I was awakened in the middle of the night by the first verse of a poem — which would be called "DETOURS" — as it was blossoming in my head:

Sometimes we experience slight dimensional snags ...Like catching your sleeve on an unforeseen splinter
As you move through the passageway.

This was such an unusual combination of words, that it took me by surprise. I scribbled down the phrase quickly so it wouldn't disappear when morning came. Later in the day the remaining verses tumbled out a little at a time, until it had materialized into a whole poem.

To me, the initial verse says that as we're going through the passageway of life, we sometimes get "snagged" into situations that are hurtful or unhealthy ... like "splinters."

It's important that we stay conscious in our journey and grow from our experiences, so that we don't blindly repeat old patterns over and over again.

Therefore, if we will look into the "mirrors"
(insights) from each "lesson," we'll discover that they are, in reality, important GIFTS that turn up in everyone's life.

"Detours" (abusive environments, painful relationships, etc.) are the circuitous routes we take when snagged and steered away from what's best for us.

As we awaken, however, we begin to
ask questions of ourselves, like:
"How did I let this happen?" .....
"Why did I choose to be there or to do that?"


When we reflect upon our so-called "mistakes," we will see that their purpose was to mirror crucial information back
to us ... thereby deepening our character and moving us towards our life's potential —


Here's my poem:


Sometimes we experience slight dimensional snags ...
Like catching your sleeve on an unforeseen splinter
As you move through the passageway.

The journey's the goal, our path is the point ...
But the luxury of lesson, each excursion into mirrors,
Enlightens us along the passageway.

Detours cause us pain, changes filled with turmoil ...
Thereby evoking Questions, as precious stepping stones,
To guide us down the passageway.

Looking back at our detours, we catch the reflection ...
They made us who we are, and awakened our
Reason for Being, in the passageway.

©Chelle Thompson

Author's Bio: 

Chelle Thompson, Editor-Publisher of Inspiration Line, has an extensive background in recovery programs, motivational counseling, psychology, theology and human relations. In 1991, she left a successful advertising career in Southern California and followed her Inner Voice to New Mexico, where she knew no one. In Santa Fe, she established a nonprofit personal growth center called Lightship of Santa Fe which was dedicated to advancing human potential through self-empowerment. Currently, Chelle produces the meaningful life website and global weekly e-magazine which reaches more than 229 countries worldwide with 75,000 monthly readers.