"Yossi Ghinsberg was lost in the Amazon for 20 days and learned many lessons about our inherent ability to survive and tap into our true instinctual selves."

While in Puerto Rico, my wife Michelle and I had the privilege of seeing Yossi Ghinsberg. We'd never heard of Yossi before, but we became instant fans. Yossi shared his story about being lost in the depths of the uncharted Amazon for 20 days -- without food, equipment, or companionship and in the midst of the rainy season. As a result of his experience, in which he learned that we all have within us the inherent power to survive and thrive, Yossi draws many parallels between his jungle survival and our ability to tap into our true instinctual selves.

One of the themes Yossi spoke about that really struck a chord, is the notion of "separation". From the moment of your birth, people begin telling you who you are and instill a sense of cultural separation. These messages of separation influence your beliefs, your values, your dreams and what you believe to be possible.

In short, they put you in the "Box" and separate you from who you really are. The "Box" is everywhere, yet true freedom lies outside the box. The only way to escape the Box is to reconnect with nature and with who you really are -- that is a cosmic creature, who is part of an infinite Universe. When you realize this, then there is no such thing as a Box anymore.

This was one of the key lessons of Yossi's journey.

"The time is NOW. Your location is HERE."

In fact, there is only ever a constantly unfolding now.

So when you invest yourself in the pursuit of "happen-ness", as opposed to happiness, you master the art of responding to life as it unfolds from a position of strength and balance.

How many times in your life do you choose to not do something because you are afraid?

"Fear and death are my best friends. Fear shows me the path to nowhere; I choose another way. Death sits over my shoulder and whispers 'tomorrow you are mine'; I live today."

Yossi's advice is simple. Learn to embrace the moment and confront your fears. When you do that you create a new moment, and then another one, and then another one. When you learn to do that, you will discover who you really are, what you are really capable of, and you will break free from the box in which you are presently confined. And you will reconnect with your true power.

To learn more about Yossi Ghinsberg, visit his website: http://www.yossighinsberg.com

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