Did you ever notice how life seems to be dancing all around you, full of synchronistic events which bring realizations into your consciousness? Well, it is true that you are the focus! Life is in service to your awakening.

Synchronistic, coincidental events are not random. They are carefully and divinely choreographed in order to serve your spiritual unfoldment. Certain themes are played out around you that repeat over and over until you notice them. You might even feel as if you are in the twilight zone when events are really obvious that there is a message you are being given.

It is no chance happening that some situations and events push you to grow, become more tolerant, or realize something important. This is created by you subconsciously, and also by the many beings who are here to assist in the awakening of humanity. Their role is to help facilitate the movie you star in.

This is why that book which helped you so much fell on your head in a bookstore. This is why there are situations that happened which made you stretch your abilities. This is why you have experienced repeated events that have the same theme. This is how your soul, your divine God-spark, communicates with you and wakes you up. Your soul cannot just write a letter and send it off. There is no mail service between worlds. Your soul, the God in you, has no other way of communicating with you besides choreographing events in physical reality.

All that is around you is a reflection of your inner realities. If you are experiencing repetitious themes in your life, you might want to pay attention. You are being spoken to by your own God-self and life is responding to and playing out the message! It is no coincidence that you are in the right place at the right time for that event to occur to or around you.

You are the center of the universe right where you are. That is why the center of the universe is everywhere, for every single bit of consciousness is the center of the universe from that particular viewpoint. This is how God is omnipresent. So look at the dance around you and know that it is working for you, not against you. There is no bad or good, just the dance and the awakening. To your soul, good and bad are irrelevant. Only the awakening, becoming the lucid dreamer within the dream, is what is important to your soul. So use everything! Life is the guru. It is all created just for your awakening. It is scripted just for you, and if you wonder who is writing this movie you are in, well, it is you!

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