“Life is too short for traffic.” – Dan Bellack

Isn’t it amazing how inspiration can find you anywhere? My latest bout came while I was walking to the gym. It made me wonder this: what road sign are you?

No Stopping

Are you the kind of person who races through life without ever taking the time to slow down and reflect? Are you the kind of person who feels guilty at doing nothing? If you are, it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself completely out of gas. “No Parking” people are similar although not quite as extreme. Regardless of which of these you are, you’ve got to take time out to relax and stretch your legs before getting back on the road.

No Overtaking

Are you the kind of person who always puts the needs of other people first? There’s nothing wrong with being altruistic provided it doesn’t constantly do you harm. Much like people who constantly find themselves obliged to “Yield”, never considering your own needs is not very smart. You deserve good things in life and sometimes you have to step up and take them. Nobody will be doing it for you, especially if you’re too busy doing it for them.

No U-Turn

Are you the kind of person who feels that there’s no turning back? Just because you’ve been doing something for a while and feel committed to following through, doesn’t mean you have to. Sometimes you’ve got to realise that it might be better to cut your losses and call it quits, whether that be in your personal or professional life. Take the road less travelled because the last thing you want is to wind up on a one-way street to a dead-end. Nothing is stopping you from starting over again and choosing a journey you actually want to take.

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