Storing Life Force
What makes the third chakra and its emotions and agendas so powerful is, well, power. Power in the sense of the pure life force stored in this area. The third chakra is like a battery; life force is stored as potential. This energy is rarely stored as true potential, in the electrical sense. A battery can sit and store its electricity for a long period of time. People however are dynamic living bioelectrical systems. Human life force is a power that is active; it needs somewhere to flow to, something to do. Whether your karmic agenda is anger and manipulation, or self-healing and enlightenment, vast quantities of bioenergy are needed.
The Third Chakra

The Third Chakra

One basic function of Tantric and Taoist practices is to generate and store in the third chakra the energy needed to walk your own spiritual path with freedom and courage, whether or not your friends, family, or culture supports this. Primates, including humans, have invested millions of years in creating social structures that maximize safety and survival. The “herd instinct” is to limit the amount of freedom an individual can have. This is a sort of default brain stem reaction born of fear of potential harm to the group, and what is born in fear blossoms into judgment, stubbornness, resistance, anger, hatred, manipulation, and violence. This ancient, and virtually autonomic, limbic reaction is grossly maladaptive for how we as a species need to evolve. The energy bound by the imprints of these dark emotions needs to be extracted and recycled at the third chakra. If we can let go of our insistence on pain, fear, and anger, we can reprogram these lower chakras to deliver the life force necessary to ascend into self-realization, thus insuring our survival as a species into the next millennium.

The Anatomy of Power
The third chakra is relatively large in size. Apparently, in its function as a storage area for the power that all action requires, it needs somatic mass. At its lower border, the third chakra is referred to by the Taoists as the lower Tan Tien, sometimes called the Field Of Elixir, or the Hara in Japanese. Anatomically close to the sexual energies of the first two chakras, this is the point that all martial arts training uses to collect power. Perhaps its physical closeness to the chakras mediating sex energy is one reason we seem to mix together elements of sexuality, power, and even violence.

Included in this energetic family are the sub-chakras of the navel. The uppermost border of the third chakra is the solar plexus. For more information on the Chakra system go to: © 2008 Keith E. Hall & All rights reserved.

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