Life Coaching! Who needs it!
By Carol Page – Personal Life Coach

Some time ago I was talking to a friend at a party about what I do.

“I’m a Personal Life Coach” I said.

“Life Coach!” she echoed in disbelief. “Who needs a life coach? Isn’t it just common sense?”

While in the USA and increasingly in the UK Life Coaching is recognised as an important and powerful tool to bring about change, in Cyprus it is still relatively unheard-of.

So what is Life Coaching, and who is it for?

Let me start by telling you what it is not. Coaching is not counselling. Whereas counselling tends to focus on the past and present, looking for causes of current unhappiness and distress, coaching focuses on the future and how to get there.

During a typical coaching session I work with a client to establish a really good goal. Getting the goal right is hugely important because without a target to aim for the client is unclear where they are going (one of the reasons for never quite realising our potential or achieving our intentions).

The next step is usually to establish the current reality: barriers to achieving that goal, available resources, values, mindset etc. This stage is also vital in getting a clear picture of where the client is now in relation to their established goal. For example – if you long to become a teacher but get panic attacks when you think about giving a presentation, then the reality may be about coming to recognise and work on lack of confidence and low self esteem as an initial bite-size step towards the main goal.

Following that I help the client to expand their focus, think widely and creatively to gather information about possible ways forward. Let’s face it, if you continue doing what you have always done in the way you have always done it – guess what! You get the same results.

Once we have gathered all the information required, I support the client to construct an action plan with dates and times, taking vital steps that will move them towards achieving their desired goal.

The truth is – it works!

So who needs a Life Coach? The answer is: anyone who wants to achieve to their full potential or to change their life for the better.

Can anyone benefit from life coaching? Yes, if you are forward thinking, willing to think creatively and to be really honest with yourself. You might get to your goal without a coach, but I wouldn’t mind betting you will achieve a whole lot more and will get there quicker with my support.

So, if you want to be the best that you can be, I can help you.

For further information or to book some coaching sessions, give me a call, e-mail or visit my website.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Carol Page
New Page Life Coaching
Tel: 99 078545

Author's Bio: 

Carol Page is a Personal Life coach, trained with The Coaching Academy, currently living and working in Cyprus. She provides individualised and group coaching programmes. Carol coaches to a full spectrum of personal life issues, having significant professional experience in supporting people following trauma, bereavement and other personal crises. She also specialises in developing spirituality and sexuality, helping people to feel free and alive - deep down to the core.