People who are inspired seem to take action effortlessly while those who are not have to figure out a way motivate themselves into action. If things come easy you are inspired. If things are difficult you are not.

If things are not coming easily, it’s probably because you are not inspired by what you are doing. Consider, if you are not inspired to do something it’s because you are not really interested in it. I often discover in the coaching process that people who have to force something to happen are trying to prove something to other people by taking the action. Therefore it’s not natural and you are not inspired.

Here are three aspects of Inspired Action

The first aspect of Inspired Action is a lack of fear, doubt or uncertainty about the future. In this state you are naturally inspired and in action. Fear will make you react vs. effortlessly accomplish. Doubt will stop you dead in your tracks. Uncertainty is the root of procrastination. When you remove fear, doubt and uncertainty, inspiration is natural.

The second aspect of Inspired Action is the feeling of being pulled forward. This happens when your future is exciting. You feel pulled forward because you are doing what you love and you are not trying to prove anything to anyone.

The third aspect of Inspired Action is being completely in the flow. When you are in a state of no fear, with a future that inspires you, then the right people at the right time just show up. When you are in this flowing state, circumstances seem to fall into place and unexpected, unexplainable good fortune happens constantly.

Let’s be honest. When you are in a state of inspiration, you get even more inspired by how easy, effortless and enjoyable everything is for you.

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Matthew Ferry a Life Coach,The Life Coaching Company Matthew Ferry International offers life coaching, law of attraction and dozens of training products and seminars relating to the law of attraction to help you find your passion and love your life.