You may have learned the same skills as your peers when you trained, but what is unique about you? What do you do or offer (or would like to) that’s different?

Mike Litman said, “Your prosperity is hidden in the problem you were born to solve.” It’s not only about what is unique about you, but what you’d like to be unique about you. If there’s a way you’d love to be or do your business and you thought, “People will think I’m crazy,” or “No one would pay me for that,” you may be withholding your greatest gift from yourself and your most beneficial service from others.

Your specialty is what drives your engine more than anything else. It’s what makes you feel alive and fulfilled when you do it. Knowing what your specialty is allows you to put more attention towards what helps you enjoy sharing this with others.

When you can state what’s unique about you and your service to yourself, you can state it clearly to others whether in conversations, letters, or promotional materials. This clarity shifts you from telling to being, and this leads to moving from selling to serving. Can you see how this connects to self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth? Do you think potential clients will pick up on this energy?

The more you look at your unique qualities, the more precise your vibrational match will be to what you want. Your unique-self service is why someone would engage with you, why they’d choose you. If you don’t know why someone would choose you, they won’t know either. When you know why an ideal person, client, etc., would want to be with or work with you, that’s the signal you send out and gets picked up by them. This is also why you sense you want to be with or do business with someone.

If you haven’t done this, make a list of characteristics of your ideal business and clients. Don’t hold back; go for everything you want on your list. Once you clarify the qualities of your ideal person or people, you understand what motivates them . . . because they are like you. This makes it easier to get inside their heads and hearts—not to manipulate them—but to establish a genuine connection with them. Whether personal or professional, it’s called a relationship and it’s what builds trust.
It’s important to have awareness of what your ideal life or business looks and feels like to you; who your ideal person or people are you choose to attract into your life; and what you choose to offer that is unique—and this bigger picture is to help you move forward in life or business in ways that are comfortable and authentic for you. Can you feel how freeing this is?
When you’re passionate and committed to being of service in a way that is appropriate for you (feels good for you), you open yourself to receive inspired ideas, inspired next actions, and opportunities. As you hold this intention, your energy—your vibrational output—will be like an invisible neon billboard to others. People will be attracted to your energy.

Serving is another way to partner with someone. How does this concept feel to you? It’s a way to co-create something. How does the energy of this statement feel to you?

Know that when you serve, you’re being served. When you’re being served, you serve. It’s how energy is exchanged. Feel this connection in your heart center and know that when you begin to meet these people, this is how you’ll communicate and connect with them—from the heart of your unique service or self offering.

How would you feel if you knew someone had the ability to make a difference in your life with what they know or do and refused to share it with you? You can be certain there are people aligned with your unique qualities, energy, values, goals, and dreams waiting to find and connect with you. You block your energy when you think you have to be any different than what is natural for you.

[Partial excerpts from “Reinvent Yourself: Refuse to Settle for Less in Life and Business”.]

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