Okay, Okay, I admit it - sometimes life just isn't happy! Even the happiest of us experience times when life just plain sux.

Jobs can be lost, relationships can crumble, dreams can collapse, finances can be challenging, crap can happen.

But when any or all of the above (God forbid) happen, what stops us from dropping our bundle and heading off to the nearest looney bin/religious cult/dumpster to live out our lives in oblivion?

I see three possible answers:

1). Fear of shock treatment/medication/other inmates.

2). The possibility of being expected to have intimate relations with some old, hairy, smelly, unattractive, deluded cult leader.

3). Dumpster amenities are not all they could be.

So, having decided to 'keep it together', how exactly, do we do that?

Get a firm grip on your sanity and sit tight as you follow my 5 Tips For When Life Sux:

1). Process Your Pain.

Give yourself the necessary time and space to come to grips with what ails you.

Be honest with yourself.

Painting a smile on your face and pretending to be happy when inside you're dying, can lead to very sinister illnesses later, and you don't want that. Suppressing your pain is not the answer - processing it is. Allowing yourself to feel your pain will help it to pass. Give yourself time and space and your zest for life will return.

If you get to the point where you're beginning to worry that you'll never get off the couch again (or someone who loves you is worried) then it may be time to get some help. Beware of becoming mired in self-pity - this can lead to an extended period of couch time. Crap happens. Give yourself time and then get over it.

2). Know That This Too, Shall Pass.

Hereclitus, the Greek philosopher,said "the only constant in life is change". Even though he left the earth plane in 475BC and possibly did not have access to the internet so as to spread his words of wisdom, luckily we have remembered them and he was danged right! When he uttered those immortal words (presumably some time prior to 475BC) how could he have foreseen the monumental changes in store for us during the next two thousand or so years?

EVERYTHING changes - the seasons, tides, our bodies,(and if you're a woman - our minds) plants, the earth we live on, scientific and medical opinion, fashions, our consciousness. Rest assured, what you're feeling now will change.

If change wasn't constant in our lives we may still be wearing togas and driving chariots. We need change. It forces us to evolve and grow. And sometimes, crap just has to happen in order to force our evolution. The one thing we can be assured of though, during our evolution (crap) is that this too, shall pass.

The good times as well as the sucky times....it all passes, as we evolve.

3).Consciously Create

Spend some time every day consciously thinking about how you WANT the situation to be. This may be difficult at first, but will become easier. Pretend to yourself that you are NOW in that dream job/relationship/financial state. Close your eyes and feel how wonderful it is to have what you want.

4) Nurture Yourself

Be gentle with yourself.

If a facial, manicure, night at the pub with the boys, fishing trip, holiday is what you NEED right now, do it.

You may feel you need nurturing with healthy food, or treat yourself to a gym membership(!). Where possible give yourself whatever you need to help you feel better.(NOT drugs and alcohol). Love yourself.

5). Let Others Nurture You

When you are able to remove yourself from the couch/bed/fetal position, pick up the phone. Organize to see all your friends over the coming weeks and months. Choose first the ones who make you laugh most, then the others. Or enroll in that course you've always wanted to take, and make new friends. The love of your friends will help you to heal, and the distraction of your hectic social life will give you less think-time. If you have followed tip #1 you will need less mental energy devoted to your pain as you progress. One day, as you are dressing for a party, you will realize your pain has all but gone. Well done!

Congratulations! You are now qualified to continue living your Happy Life safe in the knowledge that even though sometimes life sux, you're a survivor. If someone you know is going through a hard time now, pass this newsletter on to them - they may need a road map back to happiness.

If it's you, visit your laugh out loud page for a hearty cackle.

P.S. Everything happens for a reason. One day you may look back and make sense of the pain you're feeling now.

Author's Bio: 

Jacqueline Johns is on a mission! As The Happiest Person She Knows, she feels duty bound to share her happiness secrets with the world. As a Life Mentor, in person, and through her website http://www.happylifementoring.com Jacqueline shares her healing energy with all those who wish to receive it. In her publications, "The Path To Success" and "G-Spot - The Ecstasy Of Life Through Gratitude", Jacqueline shares her top two happiness tips.

Live Life Happy!