This evening, when we were putting Leopold Light, 4 1/2, to bed, we talked about:

“ What is life ? “

He looked deeply into my eyes and answered:

“ Don`t you know ? ……..“

“ It just is…”

Children are philosophers and our greatest teachers.

What is life ?

A little seed – growing and developing. The mother`s body is shaped as a cozy nest for the beautiful soul.
A body is gradually formed by billions of intelligent bright cells.
The baby is prepared to be born…into this life…completely perfect, divine and with all the knowledge of the Universe.

What is life ?

A little miracle with a newborn`s fragrance gazes into your eyes with a crystal clear glance.
The soul is shining out of the Master`s mirror, the wisdom in the eternal life needs no words.
You can see everything and beyond All There Is in the child`s eyes.

What is life ?

The child grows up and is adapted to our world.
Limiting words as NO, CAN`T and NOT create an illusion.
But isn`t it NOW that we are supposed to stop and think ?
Shouldn`t the child NOW be able to unleash their awesome unique Self ?
Isn`t the child supposed to create a magical life NOW ?

What is life ?

Time is going by so fast for the child – and suddenly one day he is big and he asks his father:

“ May I borrow the car ? “

What happened with time – all the years that have passed ?
The father asks himself this question – with a longing for all that could have been.

What is life ?

Have we, as sculptors, shaped our children to become like us – with almost identical opinions, attitudes and limitations ?
And what about all the things we should have said and done before time was running out for us ?
Is life only routine from 0-80 ?
What have we been taught and what did we come here to learn ?

What is life ?

What if we turn the question around – and let the child answer:

Life is what – I came here to express
Life is what – I choose to think
Life is what – I live in joy
Life is what – I live with LOVE
Life is what – I live in freedom
Life is what – I live in Oneness
Life is what – I AM ,……… I AM THAT, I AM

I AM born with all intelligence, wisdom, LOVE, power, knowledge and joy.

I came WITH life

You said that I came to life. But in that moment my life was limited.

What is life ?

Life is what life is, eternal intelligence.

Release the limitations and let us give LIFE back to the children and ourselves – only then we see what LIFE IS…

” Don`t you know why we came here ? ” Leopold Light said.

” Tell me ” I replied.

” We came here to show all the people in the world just to be…how to live !

The Child is the LIFE… ” he answered.

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Pearl Shanti and Andiran are the Founders of the fan page Conscious Parenting on Facebook.
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