I was reminded recently that life’s changes aren’t always acceptable but you live with them anyway.

For some reason I woke up with this thought the other morning. I don’t know why this thought came to me now except I’m going through some challenges in my life and they are not acceptable but I don’t have to live with them so I’m in the process of changing them.

However there was a time in my earlier life when I did have to accept them. It was after I graduated from high school and decided after I had been out a year I was going to college.

This was a decision I didn’t really relish but my best friend talked me into it. Since the Korean War was now on and both of us were of draft age he thought this was a way to get deferred. Well that worked for two years but when that time came neither of us was able to make the grades we needed to get deferred any longer – so we both got drafted. This became a life change that wasn’t acceptable to me but I had to live with it.

By the fall of that year I was drafted into the U.S. Army where I had to spend two years duty. The first eight weeks of my army duty I had to spend basic training at Fort Leonard, Missouri.

Those eight weeks weren’t always acceptable to me but here was an area in my life where I had no choice but to live with it. But after those eight weeks I got a real break. I was assigned to Fort Belvoir, Virginia for 16 weeks of Photolithography training.

What was that? Well it was training in making military maps. As it turned out this duty was rather pleasant and Fort Belvoir looked like a college campus. This experience was a little more acceptable than basic training but I still had hanging over my head exactly where was I going to be assigned after finishing out this duty? Think negative and you think combat in Korea.

Well once more, after I had graduated from this schooling, I got another good break. I was assigned to duty in the Panama Canal Zone to finish out my two years army duty.
Oh! This wasn’t a life change that was totally acceptable but better than duty somewhere in Korea. You see I had a fiancée back home in Indiana that I was going to be away from for several months.

Another life change that just entered the picture now and once again one I had to accept and no chance to change it. At least this duty was rather pleasant because it was different; my army buddies were fun to work with and again the post was like living on a college campus.

After being assigned there for a few months I applied for a leave to go home for a month to spend Christmas with my fiancée. But I was told. No, not now! Not enough duty time yet to qualify for a leave. What’s next? I got to find a solution to see my fiancée. So a phone call may solve my problem. It did.

If I could get a leave in February I would come home marry her and take her back to Panama with me to finish out the rest of my army duty. A life change now became acceptable. She accepted my proposal and I got my leave to come home, get married and returned with her to Panama. For the next six months we enjoyed our new life together until we returned home and I was separated from my army duty. We have now completed our 60th year of marriage

Here is a lesson to be learned in life. Accept what life changes you have no control over and change what you can for any you do have control over. Both my new wife and I finally got a life change that was acceptable, we returned home after my army duty obligation and we now handle any changes in our life that are not acceptable to both of us.
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Author's Bio: 

Born in Jeffersonville, IN Sonny spent most of his adult life in the family florist business. Becoming dissatisfied with it at the age 42 years he left it to begin a 20 year career in sales. He became a sales supervisor and spent the rest of his working years in that profession.

He is now a retired senior citizen and a health and wellness researcher and author. He is a strong advocate of alternative and natural healing methods. He has been vigorously researching this subject for over 10 years and has published it in three different eBooks.

Sonny’s plan to do this researching was prompted by the results of a visit to his wife’s oncologist to talk to him about treatment for her diagnosed breast cancer condition. Sonny recommended that she be treated with alternative and natural healing methods. He refused but his wife accepted the doctor’s recommendations.

After leaving his office that day Sonny vowed to spend the rest of his life researching for alternative and natural methods of healing which he still continues to do to this very day. His research was directed to areas on the Internet dealing with authorities in alternative medicine and natural healing. It included publications, newsletters, websites and even special reports of naturopathic and holistic doctors. He was also interested in any research on alternative and natural healings done by any specialist in that field.

In addition because of his past interest in sales he also did extensive research on self - development issues. His passion in life has always been to share this vital information so others will be able to develop a healthy and prosperous lifestyle that they greatly desire.

All the information he has gathered are in included in his eBooks which are available on his website at: http://www.sonnyjulius.com