You hear a lot these days about Life Purpose. I’ve written about it several times myself because it’s an interesting topic… and because I think that the term has been overused and some strange ideas have coagulated around it.

Let’s Get (meta)physical…

It’s not nitpicking to define the word “purpose” clearly here. In the broadest (at least for this universe) terms, mere existence is sufficient to define purpose. Something’s there, and so its purpose is to be there. Done and done.

But then you move to the perspective of whatever the “thing” is (let’s say… you) . Maybe your purpose is to exist. However, from your point of view as an individual “being” (for lack of a better term), that isn't enough. When you were spun off of Source as a singular speck of consciousness, momentum was imparted to you individually. This provided the energy to push you away from Source; it also gave you an internal energy that translates into a framework of constant change in your individual sphere. When you were lobbed there was some spin put on the ball.

Just like the Earth revolving and rotating at the same time.
Expansion energy vs. internal energy. The latter is more accurately a pattern – life-force energy is still drawn from Source, but when it arrives it follows the pattern imparted at creation.


We have the ability to make changes to our pattern (or blueprint), using our free will to alter our course. That’s what provides the experiences, and that is the next level of Purpose. We “allow” Source to experience itself through us. We also have certain inborn gifts and traits, but those really only indicate the general “flavor” that we would best operate within.

That’s been my take so far. It has served me and my clients well, and been enough. But I personally have that internal energy that compels change, too. I’m always looking to refine my understanding. So recently, almost by accident, I was able to shrink the definition of Purpose yet again.

I had been skeptical about the concept of Mission for a long time. It seemed to be somewhat counter to the free will thing. But on the other hand, if a particular broadly-defined mission is present, how to carry it out is still within the realm of free will. All the players on stage have a general role, but it’s improv.

Light Bulb Time; or “Seeing What’s Really There”…

The other day I was listening to a lecture from a reliable coach/healer . Part of it was a guided meditation around finding one’s “purpose”. Now, in this context, the lecturer was really talking about Life’s Mission. Not purpose exactly, but “what am I here to do?”. I took the opportunity.

We all have a habit of not taking our own advice. I’ve often said in the past that actually asking is important. Otherwise you’re just wondering, or wishing you knew, or curious. Ask. I knew that – just forgot for myself. So I did.

The answer came immediately in the form of one word. I do indeed have a Mission. And as I’ve always suspected, it really is something so intrinsic to me that I couldn’t see it. It’s so obvious once you find it… it’s a real face-palm moment. I nearly heard heavenly hosts in my head when I realized what had happened . And I rarely hear heavenly hosts.

No, sorry; I’m not going to tell you what my Mission is – don’t want to blow my cover. :) But I will tell you how to check it out yourself.

DIY? Take Care…

This won’t work for everyone. First, as is the case with all intuition, you need to be completely neutral with no expectations at all around the answer. You may be at a stage where you know you cannot do that, or worse you think you can, but aren’t self-aware enough to actually carry it out. Don’t stress on it, but complete honesty is required. Do your very best here, or else your answer will be meaningless.

Meditate a bit however you do it and clear your mind as much as possible. I don’t think complete silence is possible; in fact, you want to have things floating through your head effortlessly. You’re just a radio receiver capturing whatever information is on your channel.

Give it a few minutes to let the random info pass as you tune in. Never rush it. When you’re as relaxed and neutral as possible, just ask. ”What is my reason for being here, now? What is my mission?”.

Settle back and wait. A few different words or pictures may pass through. But soon, a word or phrase will pop up a little bolder than the others. That’s it. It’s like a light bulb appears over your head.

As I mentioned, I don’t think that everyone can do this for themselves. From my work with hundreds of clients, I’ve seen all levels of self-awareness. Those who aren’t ready simply won’t get it… but they could. In fact, in my coaching program I’ve seen remarkable increases in awareness over a period of months, to the point where they understand what I was teaching six months after we spoke. So it’s possible for anyone.

But I beg you: if you have any doubt whatever about your neutrality, intuition, and confidence, don’t try it for now because the answer would be suspect, and could set you off on a wild goose chase. After a period of time you’ll be ready for the answer. Besides, there may be things you need to learn and do before you’re made aware of your Mission.

Try it if you like. If you need some help, I definitely will be including this kind of information in my intuitive and healing work for you. Because it’s just a freaking hoot to know why you’re here. :)

Author's Bio: 

Michael L. Pierich is a spiritually-oriented intuitive life coach, mentor, and energetic healing practitioner. He has served hundreds of people across the world with kindness, concern, and wisdom.

Please see Michael's website, The Healed Spirit, for his services, articles, and a number of free spiritual and personal-development resources.