Life is simple….just ask a fish. This morning I looked in the fish bowl on my desk as Johnny Rocket, a.k.a. “Rocket”, my vibrant blue Betta fish, stared back at me. At this moment I realized that we all could benefit from a gentle reminder of the basics – a place we may have forgotten or barely remember.

Here is what I learned from Rocket:

1. Feed me. Not the same old thing, but a variety. I may get bored with the same menu and become disinterested and lethargic. And don’t feed me just edible food, but food for my heart, mind and soul. Change it up, try new things, experiment. Sometimes I may like bright light and other times darkness. Today I may be in the mood for jazz and tomorrow I prefer quiet. Whatever you do, please don’t let me become bored and complacent. Just because I am quiet, does not mean I am not listening.

2. Challenge me, but do not hurt me. I recently introduced Rocket to a new environment and was careful to take it slowly. I did not dump him into his new surroundings or change his water temperature and vegetation all at the same time. Instead, I gave him time to acclimate; I introduced the changes gradually, but steadily, and monitored his reaction.

3. Respect what I am. Take time to get to know me. I am not a person, nor am I a cat or a dog. Know my abilities and limitations, and know that I am also dependent on you for certain needs. I am your responsibility and do not let me down.

4. Keep me clean. I like a clean environment and recognize that things are beyond my control. I have limitations and need your help. If you are in a position of authority, empower those who look up to you and provide the needed care and resources.

5. Let me focus on today and be in the present. I am here right now. Do not get so far ahead planning or caught-up in the latest trends that you lose the moment. Enjoy the stillness and just “be” with me.

Rocket’s final words: Nothing lasts forever. Our time is limited. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Embrace the present and don’t complicate things. Know that everything and everyone has a purpose and a place.

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