Whenever I think back to the times when my life was a struggle, there was always an element of me trying to force something. Either things weren’t happening as quickly as I wanted them to, according to my time frame, or what was showing up didn’t look exactly as I wanted it to, and therefore I couldn’t see the value in it.

There is so much talk about The Secret and the Law of Attraction these days, yet I think a fundamental element of the process of creation has been glossed over, or lost entirely.

While it is important to clarify the vision of what we would like to create in our lives, if we are too rigid in our thinking, too specific on the How and the When things are supposed to happen, we create a vacuum that does not allow for spirit to have its say.

The lives lived with most effortless ease appear to be those that leave room for a co-mingling of these two energies; our heart-felt vision of the masterpiece we would like to live our way into, while allowing room for divine inspiration to co-create that work of art with us.

I call this dancing with Spirit – seamlessly blending a clearly defined mission mixed with deep listening and an acute awareness of what is showing up.

When we allow Spirit, or whatever you want to call that creative energy that so beautifully orchestrates this Universe in which we dwell, to co-create with us, we end up with something that is so much more beautiful and inspired than anything we could have come up with on our own.

We don’t need to get caught up in the details (my friend calls this “Mad How Disease”); we merely listen and pay attention to the signs showing up all around us.

And if something is showing up and you are not yet sure what it means, or if it’s the next step in your ever-evolving, organic journey through life, a helpful thought may be, “this or something better.” Leave room for more information to reveal itself. Welcome and pay attention to the signs that are showing up all around you. Then trust. You’ll know when you know.

Author's Bio: 

Erica Boucher is a Yoga Therapist, Massage Therapist & Hypnotherapist. She has developed a yoga video entitled Yoga to Open the Heart, a Hypnotherapy CD entitled Hypnosis for Letting Go, and is nearing completion on her book The Search for the Authentic Self. Erica is the founder of EMPATH YOGA, and offers retreats and trainings around the world bringing personal development and yoga together into a truly powerful and healing experience. Her practice began with counseling work with the homeless a decade ago, and has evolved to include breathwork, yoga therapy, talk therapy, massage therapy, hypnotherapy, guided imagery and more.