You get busy with life, there’s work, baseball games, soccer practice and not to mention all the housework that goes along with it. You live a life that is constantly on the go. You learn early on how to manage your time wisely. You might cook most of your meals for the upcoming week during the weekend. You might do laundry in the evening while your children are doing their homework.

While you are busy tending to all of life’s needs it leaves you little time to play catch up with people that might have slipped through the cracks of time. This might mean an old friend that you keep meaning to call, or a distant relative that comes to your mind every now and then. You have to take it a step further and pick up the phone or go for a visit.

It doesn’t matter if you are a parent, a grandparent or a sibling, you have to make time. The baby boom generation is getting older and time just seems like it’s going by faster. Kids are growing up fast, our technology is changing fast, and as your calendar fills up rather quickly, always remember someone that’s not marked on it.

It’s important to leave your mark on this world. To try and make it a better place than upon arrival. Your thoughts and ideas are so important and they change as each new day arrives. Try and always take the time to make this world a better place. No matter what you do today, life will always go on. So in the middle of all the things that get checked off on your to-do list; remember the importance of others and of conserving our precious land. Little things such as recycling, has such a powerful impact on our earth. So, while the summer is busy with graduations, weddings, etc., plan a food drive, give blood and check on that long distant relative that keeps crossing your mind. Life will keep you busy, take the time for everyone and yourself. Indulge in your creativity and let your ideas flow. Nurture you, and make the time to grow; it will have a profound effect on others as well.

So take that moment to enjoy the quiet time you get. Live and love more deeply. Realize that your dreams may have a profound effect not only locally, but globally.

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