What is your idea of love? What is your idea of a great Valentine’s Day? Do you only celebrate love a day or two a year; or is it an ongoing practice for you?

This is a time of year, when people turn to thinking about relationships, love, celebrating vows. It is a time of year that many place as a “Hallmark Holiday”. This is a time of year that can be very emotional; not only for those that are in a relationship, but also those that are not. For a single person, it can bring up a whole spectrum of emotions from failure, loneliness, and trigger multiple self-worth patterns. This is a time where we may reflect on past loves, present loves, and ponder love in the future.

Behind all of this, it reminds people that this is a time where we remember union. Really, we are seeking our own inner union; but as humans we tend to look for that through someone else. For those that see it as only another day of commercialism; there may even be rejection, which is not just a rejection of a day devoted to love, but to love itself.

When we allow ourselves to release all of the materialistic side of things; and the programming that this day must include expensive flowers, nice dinners, gifts, candles, romance, proposals, etc. then we can truly open to the real essence that this day offers us. That is an opportunity to celebrate and be love and in love and exchange love. Of course this is a space that we ideally want to be in year round; but like many things it takes a designated day to bring us fully present with someone, and open up and share what is happening.

The real essence of this day is about opening and living through the Heart Chakra. It is about exchanging loving energy unconditionally by uniting the masculine and feminine energy aspects. Thus the drive to have someone at this time; but imagine if we chose to be “in love” with the energy, with all of the things around us, with the Earth and Sun and Moon and Stars in the skies.

One person that does work greatly with the Heart Chakra is Sharon Carne. She has learned the power of love and being in love. She works to help others find wellness, heal physically and emotionally and mentally using music and Heart Energy. It is powerful and quick and yet gentle and pleasurable to release this way as the vibrations of sound quickly and easily release the blocks that hold things in place; and the love energy provides us with a space of safety and connection to the Divine

The Heart Chakra is the bridge between Heaven and Earth, the Spiritual and Material Worlds. When we choose to love and be in love through the Heart Chakra; we allow ourselves to become drunk with the love of the Divine. The energy of being “in love” is coded to bring command, power, and intelligence that we can work from. It carries the codes of creativity, success, abundance, and a fortunate future. Now, this beautiful energy is showing us that there is really nothing to fear about being “in love”. Each of us may need different ways to refer to this; but it is this energy that allows us to be connected in wholeness.

Now let’s take this a step further. What if you allowed yourself to be “in love” with all aspects of your life? What if you opened the door to standing in the power of love which is coded to having success and victory in life. It literally tells us that love is the path to great things.

The Heart Chakra is about using wisdom in order to interact with everyone and everything; to get along with all of life and circumstances. It is something that comes only from within and that starts with the self. It’s codes show that it cannot be influenced by money; thus why real love cannot be bought. It is also an energy that we most notice we are missing when we are alone; and also an energy that when it is present we need nothing else.

This Valentine’s Day, I hope that you will embrace love; but expand your perception of it. Share your love with the plants and the trees of Earth, share your love with the animals that roam this planet, let love in through your heart and let it be as expansive as it wants to be. Make the commitment to connect with love, and being in love each and every day.

If you are celebrating, with or without someone else, keep it simple and real. Think about stepping out of high cost things; and think more about creating experiences that truly touch your heart, to connect with the person you love or with yourself. Take the time to share your love with more than just humans.

How will you celebrate this Valentine’s Day? Can you truly show your love, without spending money? What things tell you that someone loves you?

Jesse Ann Nichols George

Code Interpretor

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Jesse Ann Nichols George is the author of 4 books, which are founded on the principles of compassion, and how to use it to bring joy to all areas of life; as well as to open to living your passion and manifesting a life of joy and fulfillment. In addition she is a collaborator and International Best Selling Author on “Embraced by the Divine: The Emerging Woman’s Gateway To Power, Passion, and Purpose”. She created of The Genesis Clearing Statement and The Compassion Tour. Jesse is a Code Interpretor with over 33 years of experience working with clients and assisting others with their life processes and helping them to work with their best influences and to strongly connect with Divine Flow. She is a 13th+ generation spiritual healer, energy tuner, life/relationship/spiritual and wellness coach, holistic and natural lifestyle advisor. She is also a 13th+ generation Druidic practitioner; honoring and appreciating the harmony of all things. Her work encompasses practices from Eastern and Western philosophies. Jesse is a speaker and also hosts her own radio show. You can learn more about the work that she is doing at www.jesseannnicholsgeorge1.com