Hey…hey… so buddy looking for a better life, a better lifestyle and a better life journey, if the answer is yes then having a hand shake. You are on the right boat and I might result into a right sailor for you.
Elasticity of life, is this even true?

Yes, my friends its true, it is as true as that we born on this planet with a super-efficient body and one day we have to return it the mother nature. Isn’t it seeming like you have issued a novel from library and you must submit it to the place in certain duration. The duration here is the rhythm which you can tune to some extent. So basically, today we will be discussing about this tuning process. It would be hard to stretch it till eternity but to 10 years or so, for sure.

First, well-being, what’s that? Well-being is the happiness experienced in all aspects of our life. In countries like India we have always proclaimed the proportion of health with disease and disability. Do you think it’s the complete truth? Today we are more vigilant towards healthcare rather than well-being. Different policies updated time to time in India have certainly made us cautious towards healthcare, but it has done negligible for well-being. Well-being is something that you feel from the deepest cell of your body, it gives you happiness which is impossible to measure. Measurement of well-being isn’t
even required and justified, some things in nature shouldn’t be quantified.

We are obliged to remain healthy because it’s everyone’s birth right and it is an obligation to society as well. Just an infection in one organ of body makes the whole body dysfunctional. For entire body, every organ, every tissue to be healthy, every cell must be naturally healthy. We have borrowed this body and soul from almighty god and this needs to be returned after some years and that too safely, neatly and properly. Till that time, it is our sincere responsibility to take care of it and maintain its health as it was delivered to us. If the proper maintenance and timely servicing of body is done, then undoubtedly your body automobile will run more than its average lifetime. You

yourself are the driver and mechanic of your body. Here we discuss few basic points you need to follow for healthy well-being and stretching your life journey till an unexpected lifespan –

• Firstly, a good philosophy enjoins good conduct and character and vice-versa. bad conduct and bad character leads to unbecoming lifestyle that in turns means ill health and infinite diseases.

• Take care of personal hygiene. a healthy body and soul is the biggest treasure one can gather.

• A healthy meal containing more percentage of water and lesser percentage of solid is always a healthy advice to follow

• People say drink lots of water, but the science says drink water whenever required. your body needs to be hydrated sufficiently. Having a feel of thirst isn’t at all desirable, so before you start feeling thirsty take a glass of water. So, it is said that one should take a glass of water every hour but again it all depends on one’s intake. Water keeps your body hydrated, supply oxygen to entire system, freshens mind, purifies the blood and skin and last but not the least water can give you a natural flawless skin. Thumbs up for our own water.

• Keep detoxifying your body regularly. Make this a part of your daily routine. Fruits, green leafy vegetables, some regular domestic spices and yes water as well helps to remove toxins from the body. Toxins are unnecessary garbage in your body that gives shelter to enormous microorganisms and which results into severe health problems.

• Meditate daily for 1 hour. You needn’t to start meditation for hours from very first day. It won’t be of any use if you are diverted more often. Bring meditation to your life starting from 2 minutes to few hours. At first glance 2 minutes look so easy to follow but believe it’s a challenge to maintain concentration for even 2 minutes in early practices.

• Try to remain silent for 15 minutes at least in a day. looks funny. by being silent i mean silence physically as well as mentally. when you are soundly silent than try to be completely live with the inner you, yourself. it will give you an insight of real you. it will take time but will work for sure.

• Do some physical activity, it may be anything, playing sports, jogging, cycling, running, swimming, mountaineering, yoga etc. Your body is made to work. Every creature on this planet is constantly working and living, only human has got sufficiently efficient brain by which he thinks if he use brain he is not required to use his other body parts. How fool, creatures with less developed brains act smartly in this regime.

• Use lesser cosmetic products. You are beautiful and to sustain your beauty you need not to knock the door of expensive unnecessary face toppings. those products that give you instant results contain more harsh chemicals. Switch yourself to more homemade DIYS and Ayurveda than any random brands of cosmetics available in

market. Don’t fall in the traps of many companies that are labelled as Herbals. Everything that shines isn’t gold, right. If you want the use of cosmetics only then I will suggest use the one which is mild to your skin, hair or whatever.

• Take milk daily. Milk is said to be a complete food as it contains almost all types of nutrients leaving a very few. Try not to purchase milk from dairies. Dairy milks are marketed such that they can remain as it is for long and for this they use all kinds of chemicals which fulfils there needs in low budgets. Use of urea, ammonia, preservative, colour additives are very commonly used items. If available, then switch your milk purchase to fresh milks. Although these may also not be very pure but will prove to be a better option.

• Instead of watching television spare your time on reading books. Gradually it will expand your vision and will help you to have positive approach.

• Meet people a lot. Don’t put yourself within limited people space, expand your friend circle. Meet new people often. Believe me meeting new people is more exciting than meeting older friends. Older friends are to enjoy with while new people are to learn new stuffs.

• Live with mother nature. Feel the wind, texture of rocks, mountains, ice, sand, trees, flowers. birds, animals, rivers. Aren’t these incredible. Try to figure out there souls, interact with them . These will give you the happiness that no one else in this world can give you back.

• Laugh a lot. No matter what laugh openly. All your sorrows and happiness are the play of your mind. If this is so then let’s play with mind, keep making it fool by showing it that you are happy instead of its all efforts to make us believe our poor well-being.

I am sure the information will help you a lot if you owe to adapt them not into your life but into your lifestyle. Always remember your life and your health is your responsibility towards the family and society. You aren’t free to misuse your health and if you do so then you aren’t doing good to your society and mother nature. You are answerable for your all ill deeds and ill health to nature. Don’t take your health for granted because it is much more precious than you think.

Let’s not act like fools. Let’s come together and arise awareness towards a healthy lifestyle among today’s materialistic people crowd.

Best of luck

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