Did you know that it is important to remove the flower garlands and the dried flowers from the house once they are dried up? Also, the nails that are used to tie the garlands should be removed? This is because flowers contain no energy after drying and nails generate negative energy acting as a Shoola vedha.

Many such beliefs and science behind these beliefs are compiled in the Vastu Shastra principle. You may make a house by a proper collaboration of rooms and defined entry exits, but a house becomes a home only after the balance of positive and negative energy is done following the Vastu Shastra.

The ancient science of architecture is being followed since ages and helps in a better living, bringing in natural energies and powers. It is quite challenging to construct a house practicing all the Vastu principles, but the Vastu tips mentioned below will help you to escape from the worst scenarios. Keep reading to increase the positivity:

  • Let’s start right from the entrance. It is good to keep a nameplate at the entrance door. The logic behind doing this is, the nameplate spreads the aura possessed by the house owner. So every entrant gets the same energy vibes that prevail inside the house. You can also place an icon or a picture of Lord Ganesha if the adjacent door near the entry is empty.
  • You can always lit diyas or incense stick in the morning as well as evening to get rid of the negative energies present in the house. By doing this, you ensure that positivity prevails in the house and negativity doesn’t impact the family members.
  • It is inauspicious to put up paintings and posters that depict war scenes or unhappy emotions in the living area. The negativity transforms from such images and as a result, break the peace of residents living inside the house. With the little transfer of negativity from the pictures, even the smallest issues become a family problem.
  • Have a wind chime or a tinkling metal bell near the entrance or the windows. The sound of the thinking demolishes the negativity, stress and thus allows only positivity to enter inside the house. These wind chimes should be hung in the North-west or west part of the house.
  • A direct impact of negative energy can come only from the kitchen. The food, when consumed in the negative atmosphere transfers the negative vibes to the ones who consume it. Hence it is imperative to have a kitchen as per Vastu Shastra rules. The best direction for a kitchen is the South-east corner of the house. Keep a reasonable distance from the washrooms and the bedrooms.

  • It is advisable not to store any medicines inside the kitchen premises as it directly affects the health of the individuals living inside.
  • Southwest is the best direction for bedrooms placement. Painting the bedroom with bright colors controls your mood accordingly. For married couples, the wife should sleep on the left side of the husband and should use a single mattress.
  • Do not place any wall mirrors inside the bedroom so that they don’t reflect the negativity of the persons living inside the house.
  • The individuals often overlook the bathroom placement, but they should know that the best direction for having a bathroom is the north or northwest direction of the house. Ensuring the right direction, you are keeping away the financial problems, health problems that may come with the wrong placement of the bathroom.
  • The child’s study room should be constructed in the west direction. This direction is believed to bring in undisturbed focus and calmness in the children.
  • A pooja room should be constructed in the north-east corner of the house. Do not place idols in the south direction of the pooja house.
  • If the house has a garden area, place a tulsi pot in the north direction. Having a water fountain in the garden welcomes wealth and prosperity.

We advise that one should follow the Vastu Shastra principles to attract positivity and keep away all the negativity from the house. Do not worry if you have already purchased a home; Vastu remedies are using which you can start welcoming positivity inside the house.

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