Have you reached a point in your life when life is no longer exciting any more?

Could it be that you haven't yet planned your retirement and really don't know what your life is going to be like when that time comes about?

I remember discussing this subject with some of my friends when I was still working but getting close to retirement myself. When I would ask them what they intended to do when they retired the answer I often got was, "OH! I'm just going to sit around and do nothing in particular"

I said to them, "do you really think that's a wise decision after being so active all your past life?" No activity of any kind could be a real jeopardy for your overall health, don't you think?

Many retirees can hardly wait to retire so they can visit family and friends, travel, become involved in some kind of part time business or do whatever they never had time to do when they were working.

Well the sad story was what usually happened is these folks either developed some serious diseases or died shortly after retiring. These were some of some of our friends who were always fun to be around and involved in some social events we also participated in.

They eventually became inactive in most situation in their life and no longer interested in activities my wife and I were still interested in doing. But that didn't stop us for enjoying life. So we eventually planned our retirement life and thoroughly enjoy living it every day now.

The New Life Is Great!

During the winter months we live in a +55 manufactured home community and enjoy the many social and recreational events offered here. While my wife enjoys associating with some of her friends swimming, playing cards, eating out at lunchtime, I get involved in surfing the Internet. Then together we enjoy other scheduled evening activities.

Being Unstoppable Is The Key

I just have to be unstoppable. I'm no "couch potato." I need to be active all the time. If you are interested in being "unstoppable" too check out my website for more information at: http://www.sonnyjulius.com

Author's Bio: 

Sonny Julius is a retired senior citizen whose goal is to not only offer his free 8-step "Sunny Days Are Here To Stay" formula for designing a better life for yourself but he also offers other programs for improving your health as well as self-development programs too.