I have been struggling to achieve balance in all aspects of my life,said the seeker,but I keep getting knocked out of balance, again and again.Have I failed in my quest?

We live in a world of dualities,where energy is constantly moving between polarities,trying to achieve optimal balance,moment by moment.There is no permanent balance in our reality,as there is an on-going influx of events approaching us all the time,from within and from without,knocking our balance off.Some days,we eat too much sugar,the next days,we have to refrain from sugar.some days,we don't have enough sugar in our blood.Sometimes we eat too much and sometimes too little.Too much of this,and not enough of that.We bathe in the sun for a while,but soon we have to run for the shade,as too much exposure to the sun rays would cause discomfort and sun damage.We hide in the shade,but then we don't get enough vitamin D and we run back to the sun.The weather is unstable.Why does it keep changing? We run a busy lifestyle,but after sometime,we get tired and burnt out. So we rest.But then we get fat and have to workout...and the battle goes on for as long as we live.

Psychologically,we have to deal with the never ending stress of modern life.This stress is fundamentally the same as in pre-modern life,only the setting has changed;ambition,insecurity,the struggle for survival,the struggle for success,the struggle for acceptance in society,falling in love,falling out of love...Sometimes we are happy and sometimes we are miserable.When we are happy,we try to hold on to our happiness,but we cannot and it makes us miserable, again.We bend to the right,but then we have to bend to the left,to compensate for too much movement in one direction.We are always stalking the pendulum,reaching for an optimal balance:like a boy on a skating board.Like an acrobat on a rope.Like an eagle surfing in the wind. We find our mental balance,but alas!it doesn't last long.And just when we think that we have finally figured out how to live in balance...we die!

This is the nature of creation.It is made of polarities:hot/cold,Yin/Yang,Anima/Animus,day and night,life and death.So you see? The only lasting balance exists in the realm of Spirit.Establish a strong connection to your spirit and to the Great Spirit of All,and you will find a place of stability in an unstable world.

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Gloria Eagle [oracledreamhealer] is a modern sage and healer.As a successor to Carlos Castaneda,she holds a rare esoteric knowledge,which when studied and applied properly,leads to enlightenment.She integrates the Toltec knowledge of The Nagual,with the spiritual traditions of the western cultures.She can be reached through her blog and her email. http://oracledreamhealer.wordpress.com
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