Complexion ruddy people choose caps a wider range of color, can with many color coordination. Gray color suits with the purity of the demitint is not high, do not choose the gorgeous colors.

White skin, apply colour more hat. But because the white color easy to give a person tender feeling, so choose hat, should avoid to choose white or off-white color. The people in selecting dark skin bright color hat, should pay attention to the overall effect of the dress.

People face have egg type, fat type, square and country word. Fat faces if wear a hat can appear the face big and small, but choose hat cap is more suitable for leniency. Egg face wore cap appears more big on small, so choose under suitable dome cap.

Neck short people don't choose colourful hat. Features, to figure gentle and graceful people can choose colour are more colourful or a romantic design and color hat. In short, the hat must with face collocation is proper, can manifest the aesthetic feeling of symmetry.

Although took off his cap later hairstyle is often very fcucking hat is still winter, but the indispensable sheet is tasted, how to juggle warm and beautiful will depend on your hairstyle, different length and texture hair will suit different hat.

Shallow crest fedora hat the beginning is men are patents, now also more and more be women endearment. Hat itself very neuter, can bring capable is handsome feeling, so you need to use the woman flavour hairstyle to balance.

If supple long hair, or leisurely and air feels curl. Of course, try the hair after the head dish into a loose bun, then, then hidden in the hat to pick out a few wisps curls and finely in both cheeks, very rural girl feeling. And shoulder hair plunge into two braids and nifty and fashionable.

The 1970s large curls is wide brim cap to match absolutely, if you want to complete to try this feral style, then you have to give a hair spray curl rub silk with large after curling irons modelling, then spray on the force stereotypia spray to maintain.

If you itself is curl, that keep hair roll don't move, wipe on some embellish hair gel let a hair more moist bright.

Equestrian cap not popular alleys of trend, but still has many followers. As royal noble favorite sport, equestrian cap much also aristocratic ladies temperament, a smooth side horsetail or ponytail is the perfect match, equestrian cap and very lady style is handsome. In order to fixing short-tempered, remember to use hair confectioner.

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