LIC retailer portal constructed for LIC retailers to log in and locate all of the details such as Lic premium payment and client details. In addition, it enables the retailer to monitor all of the coverages. The LIC India retailer has to enroll to the LIC India portal then they're also able to log in throughout the LIC merchant login portal. Click on the above button to get LIC merchant login

LIC Merchant Portal

Access all of the information regarding your small business & customers with Life Insurance Corporation, India. Login retailer portal site, for LIC login or retailer login with your LIC retailer identification and locate all the essential information you want.

It is hassle-free and save time and you don't have to see lic workplace without long queues for obligations. An improved part of the isto covers the lic premium. It is possible to use your cards such as credit, debit, and internet banking too.

By helping individuals with their financial objectives. You will make a difference and pride in their own lives.

You may join one of the very exceptional groups of insurance agents & retailers. In 2015 we led 4021 LIC members into the million-dollar table. We're among the most blessed insurance broker's team.

As a broker, you've got more chances to make above your prospective to your future life. And we promise.


As a merchant/Agent, you may become your boss, and you've got that liberty to work on your own, we also give liberty to our broker for picking their clients & earn their money without leaving their present job or job.


We provide world-class coaching systems. We don't care about your expertise in advertising, and our training programs are conducted by our own highly qualified coaching staff, to turn you into a professional from the insurance sales area.

We'll always encourage you & your attempts, and we plan to push you in the greatest levels of professional achievement during your career.


We offer the necessary tools, engineering, and individuals for your service to construct a lucrative, long-lasting small business. Lic retailer complaints

Product & solutions

We've got over 50 product mixtures for you, which will aid your client or client to their financial targets. We're also working on more and new advanced products.

Sales and advertising service

We assist our merchants/agents with advanced sales & advertising tools to assist your company.

Life policy Corporation of India (LIC) is the largest insurance provider in India and also gloats of an huge customer base. Having a case settlement percentage of 98.04% to the calendar year 2017-18, LIC provides a different range of protection portfolio, considering the various requirements of its clientele.

It's the largest insurance provider in India, using an expected resource estimation of Rs 1,88,3018.82 crore.

Built-up at 1956, The Life Insurance Corporation of India Provides an Range of protection things to its Customers, for Instance, protection programs, mortgage programs, Unit Linked programs, extraordinary programs, and collecting plans Equally as online kid protection programs

The LIC of India, as of today, has a method of close 2,048 branches and 1,337,064 operators operating in various metropolitan areas and cities everywhere across the country.

LIC is reported to be the most obvious disaster protection organization in the world with 23 crore customers and tallying. It gives the complete most wisely appraised premiums and adequate inclusion options, paying little regard to which societal status a person has a location.

The name is not the only reason one should select LIC Merchant as it is not ideal to rely on additional security things from a lone manufacturer. Here's the right one should pick on LIC as an additional safety provider:

Mechanically overriding Network: LIC has become the pioneer for a protection supplier because of its endeavors to stay at the top of things by being standard if worse as much as its platform with respect to supplying innovative and powerful administrations with over 2000 branch offices and 156 satellite branches.

Not Alone from the Sport: The company doesn't operate alone but rather collaborates with security and large budgetary shots, such as NSE, LIC Mutual Fund, NCDEX, Stock Holding Corporation of India, Insurance institution of India and National Security Academy one of the numerous comparative institutions. Therefore, it's functioning through intermingling also.

LIC has also been excited enough to strategy opening offices in Australia, Canada, and the USA.

Item Variety: You may before long find from the below-given rundown this business gloats of among the very elevated amounts of approach types available in additional security independently. It's the most important portfolio with respect to additional security collecting plans to be among the characteristics. They have a huge customer base of corporates for collecting protection.

Advancement from the Business: The company dispatches new things every other quarter, and there, for the large part, to serve the public than to create gains although they do very well as an insurance agency, monetarily. They had been the first to dispatch smaller-scale security things together with the goal that people living beneath the destitution line in India could deal with the price of the security for a particular amount of markdown.

Execution at The Stock Market: in regards to monetary exchange situating, LIC stocks are a standout among the very stable capitals available from the BSE. The complete most well-performing inventory records very often incorporate this business, especially with respect to security providers.

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