Dr. Zheng, licenced acupuncturist and herbalist will be on Thursdays, 3:30 to 4pm on 900am The Talk of The Palm Beaches. Dr. Zheng will discuss how we can use natural ways to prevent the inflammation, cancer, allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Dr. Li Zheng will explain why inflammation cannot be too long and too strong. Chronic inflammation can lead to tissue damage. Chronic inflammation can be linked with cancer, allergies, autoimmune function and other kinds of disease. Chronic inflammation can change the gene expression and turn on the bad gene. In order to prevent the inflammation, we need to eat organic fruit and vegetables, so our body can absorb the vital nutrients and have balanced immune function and nervous system. When our nervous system is balanced, you stay calm and happy, you can sleep better. You will have balanced hormones to cope with the stress. The balanced nervous system can promote the balanced immune function. So the inflammation will not become chronic. Also the vital nutrients can help the body to repair the wear and tear of the tissue.

There are many kinds of hormones helping keep the inflammation in a normal range, so the inflammation will not last too long leading to the tissue damage. For instance estrogen has to be balanced with progesterone or testosterone in order to keep the balanced immune function. There are many kinds of chemicals to influence the estrogen level, the chemical mimic the effect of bad estrogen and stimulate the abnormal tissue growth. That is one of the reasons more and more men developed prostate cancer in their forties and one out of 4 women developed breast cancer. Organic furniture helps us avoid those bad chemicals. If you stay home for such a long time, those chemicals can have profound effect on your estrogen level. Having organic furniture will help women and men have balanced hormones to prevent the cancer growth.

Acupuncture can help us produce more relaxing hormones such as endorphin, serotonin and progesterone. Acupuncture can also strengthen our digestive system, so we can absorb the vitamins and minerals much better. Acupuncture can help us reduce the stress and anxiety, which help our immune function in a good condition. Acupuncture can balance the muscles and tendons, improve the energy flow, reduce the swelling of the joint and accelerate the repairing of the tissues.

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Website: http://bocaacupuncture.org/

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Dr Li Zheng is a well known Acupuncturist providing information on Acupuncture and their treatments. Now She is on The Talk of The Palm Beaches for Reduce the stress with acupuncture.