I can always enjoy a good mystery. Whether it’s a book or a movie, mysteries are the one thing that consistently capture my attention. I am in love with the rush. Plus I feel like I am actually using my brain when I’m involved with mystery versus when I read a comedy or see a chick flick.

I remember growing up I always wanted to be a detective. All I dreamed of was solving crimes and figuring things out via hints and clues. A favorite activity of mine was scavenger hunts. My mother would create these extreme scavenger hunts for the kids in my family to take part in. For my birthday one year she plotted a hunt I could have sworn was real at the time. It was my first mystery. She got the neighbors in on it and used their houses as hosts to hide even more clues. There were hints at the park down the street and intertwined in three different homes. The elaborate scavenger hunt took hours to complete. I was the leader of course. I read nearly all the clues. All I wanted to do was figure it out by myself to be honest. I had to share the hunt with seven other anxious little kids. That was the only downfall of the day. I wanted to be the only one on the assignment. The best part was that the hints involved actually thought process. They weren’t obvious giveaways where we knew immediately and started running to the next spot. Each new note was a fresh riddle just waiting to be dissected. Oh, those were the days!


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