What someone may find, after being on the path of self-discovery for a little while, is that they have a fear of being seen. This is not to say that they will isolate themselves from others and never leave their home.

No, what it is likely to mean is that they will spend time around others but that their true-self will rarely, if ever, see the light of day. So when they are around their friends and at work, for instance, they will typically wear a mask.


If they didn’t have a fear of being seen, there would be no reason for them to hide who they are. One could imagine what their life would be like without this fear and end up feeling as if they have been liberated.

They won’t be behind bars, yet it will be as though they are in a prison that has no bars. If they were to look back on their life, they may find that they have had this fear for as long as they can remember.

Going Deeper

At this moment in time, revealing who they are could be something that would cause them to experience a fair amount of shame and fear. Thanks to this, it is going to be seen as something that would put their very survival at risk.

On one side, one will have the need to express who they are, but on the other, it will be something that is too much of a challenge. As a result of this, it is not going to be possible for them to simply change their behaviour.

Too Much Going On

If they were to just behave differently, it might not be long until they are overwhelmed by shame and end up shutting down. Or, their whole being could be flooded with fear and the same thing could happen.

Then again, they could experience both shame and fear and the same thing could happen. Out of their need to feel better and not to experience a negative outcome, they could revert to how they were before – hiding behind a mask.

A Process

What this will illustrate is that they will need to do something about the shame and fear that is inside them. Dealing with what is taking place up top - in their mind - might not allow this to take place.

Instead, what they may need to do is take a look at what is taking place in their body and work through the layers of pain that are inside them. If there are indeed layers of pain inside them, it probably means that they won’t resolve this fear overnight.

Being Realistic

In the same way that going from running one mile to running twenty miles will take time, going from hiding who they are to revealing who they are will also take time. In both cases, they will need to be patient and persistent.

One way for them to work through the layers of pain that are inside them will be for them to heal their inner child, or inner children as there is more than one. This part of them will have a big effect on how they feel and see the world.

Final Thoughts

Their inner child will carry their early childhood wounds and this part of them will want to be seen and heard. With this in mind, healing this part of them is not going to be about changing or fixing anything; it will be about being there for this part of them and allowing it to express what they themselves were not unable to express all those years ago.

This is something that can take place with the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

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