The best method to replace negative feelings, worry and anger, is to experience happy diversions or to experience success.

Success that occurs at the correct time, when you need it the most is chalked up to luck. Diversions can be planned to occur at the right time, to lift you out of a pit of worry, anger or sadness.

Although the happiness might be fleeting, it is a welcomed feeling when you are discouraged.

Perhaps a diversion can help uplift you enough to instill a laser-like focus on your goals. Perhaps a diversion can compel you to forget or at least forgive. They can remind us of things that are important.

It's amazing how going off somewhere for a bit of fantasy and wonder can help you stay grounded. When you return home, your mind will feel clearer.

They say that you cannot run away from your problems, but you can take a vacation from them.

So where should you go? Go somewhere that will give your peace. Go to a place away from your current environment. Do you need to get away from certain people? There's nothing wrong with that. Travel to a destination where you can be alone with your thoughts.

If you do plan to have a friend accompany you, allow someone in who will add to the positive nature of your trip. Do not let anyone in who will bring drama into your situation.

Your trips can take many different forms. You can go on a cruise to Europe or stay in a luxury resort in the Caribbean. You can go camping or glamping. All inclusive resorts or cruises might be the best choices for your trip, due to the convenience of having everything you need nearby.

You will be better off going away for a retrospective trip alone than having someone along who will add to (or cause) your stress or discomfort.

Stretch yourself. Do something that you have always wanted to do. Go to a place that you have always wanted to venture to, even if it is not far from your home. Is there a conference that you have always wanted to attend? Make arrangements and go there! Is there a festival that you've always wanted to attend? Make it there. Again, you do not have to go far, just change your current environment. Traveling to these places and participating in experiences that you have thought about doing, but have never done, will build your confidence and give you a sense of fulfillment.

The important thing is to eliminate the excuses. Take action and take the steps to clear your mind, give yourself inner peace, and give yourself a personal sense of fulfillment. Make your plans step by step. Do you need to save the money up for your trip? Make a realistic plan to get the finances you need. Remember you need to set up a goal amount that you will be able to reach, or you will never have enough money. People often say that they do not have enough time to go anywhere. Make the time. Schedule the time. Don't let these excuses stop you.

Author's Bio: 

Claudine Williams the owner travel editor of Somewhere Luxurious, an online luxury travel magazine with destination overviews, travel news, and travel reviews. Claudine's work has been published in the Conde Nast publication, Hotel Chatter, Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia, and Attache Magazine.