Letting go seems to be one of the most difficult things for most of us to do, yet it’s the most rewarding and freeing experience you can ever give yourself. The ability to let go frees you both emotionally and physically.

There is often a misconception as to what “letting go” really means, so first I’d like to clear that up.

I (and many others) discuss and teach that taking action is a mandatory part of any type of success, and of course my first book is titled “Just Make It Happen” which appears to conflict with “letting go”, doesn’t it? Not at all, if you understand what it truly means to let go.

See, when we let go, we let go of the fears and other negative beliefs that hold us back from moving forward. In essence, we are letting the universe know “Okay, it’s in your hands. I’m not going to fear any obstacle or outcome. I will accept what comes my way and deal with each day and circumstance as it arises", and then sincerely trusting that everything will be okay so we can move forward with confidence and courage. In short, we do not allow our negative belief systems to get in our way and we stop worrying about the things which we cannot change.

Once you’re able to let go, you dispel an enormous amount of negative energy from your body and allow positive, loving energy to move through you. When we hold on to the negative belief system, we block the flow of positive energy – our life source and it cannot move through us. How can we manifest our desires if the source of our power, our strength, is held up at the gate? Do you see how this works?

The misconception is this:

Letting go does not mean to sit back and wait for something to happen. Absolutely not. You’re in for a huge disappointment if that’s what you believe, and often the people who believe this end up asking God why they are being ignored and then they fall into the victim trap. Letting go means to move forward with faith and confidence and without fear of failure or rejection. You most certainly have to take action in order to make it happen – but you can only do so if you let go.

Learning acceptance and letting go applies to everything in your life. If your spouse or partner leaves you; if a family member isn’t speaking to you; if you’re diagnosed with a serious illness. As difficult as it may seem at the time, you have the ability to let go of fear, anger, resentment and other negative beliefs. Feel them, acknowledge them and then let them go. When you hang on, you not only prevent yourself from attracting joy into your life, but you poison your body which leaves you vulnerable to all types of negative circumstances, disease and illness. If you have an illness, holding on to negative thoughts only worsens the condition.

So, how do we let go?

Understanding and accepting that your thoughts and actions are the only thing which you have absolute control over is the first step in the letting go process. There are many other rituals you can incorporate into your daily life which will make letting go easier like meditation, positive affirmations and continuing to read, listen, watch and learn about yourself and others.

There is no magic formula to letting go; this is one of those things that you have to learn with practice. Breathe deep, continue to remind yourself that you only have control over yourself and let go. When the negative feelings begin to creep back into your mind and body, repeat. Keep repeating this process as the need to hold on to all of those negative feelings returns. By making this a habit, it becomes easier and easier to let go until eventually it becomes a way of life.

Letting go is just one aspect of the personal development journey. If you would like to learn more about how to get control of your thoughts, let go, take action and manifest the life you desire, visit the website below.

You will always be faced with challenges, negative thoughts and feelings, but how you respond to them determines your reality. By teaching yourself the art of letting go, you are transforming your entire life, inspiring those around you and allowing yourself to experience true joy.

Author's Bio: 

Danielle Pierre is an entrepreneur, published author & certified life coach.

You can contact Danielle at danielletpierre@gmail.com