Letting a Property and Finding the Right Tenant

Finding the right tenants to rent to can be a time consuming and more often than not a very daunting task, even to most seasoned of landlords. Becoming a landlord doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating as long as you do your research first before you become a landlord.

Once you purchase your first property that you plan on letting to other people, you will want to find a company which makes use of all the landlord solutions tools, and landlord programs that are currently and will be available in the future. There are many landlord property management companies to choose from, but you will want to choose one that that has at minimum certain services to offer you.
○ Guaranteed rent insurance - do they offer insurance of the fact that you will receive your monthly rent monies no matter what.
○ Landlord rent guarantee - Will you get your rent whether your property is occupied or vacant.
○ Do they offer a tenant find service. What does their tenant find service include.

With the tenant find service, there should be clear cut advantages to having this service made available to you. This particular service should include at the bare minimum:
○ Preparation of your entire inventory of rental properties. Including photographs of the inside and the outside of the said properties.
○ They should be the ones who advertise your properties both online and offline. Most potential tenants will be searching the internet in search of a property to rent for their home or business, so it is absolutely imperative that advertising is done in both venues.
○ You shouldn’t have to interview potential tenants. That should be handled by the letting management service.
○ Handling of all documentation in regards to potential tenants should also be handled by the company. This includes things such as references, and any contracts that need to be drawn up. You shouldn’t have to worry about anything related to tenants.
○ Showing of properties should be handled by the landlord property management company, or the letting management service. They should be the ones to accompany the new tenant to the property on day of move in to check the condition of the property. They should also be the ones to inspect the property in the event that a tenant moves out.

The tenant find service can really make the difference for landlords in the letting process. The landlord themselves might be more apt to rent to potentially bad tenants because of human sentiment and emotions. Whereas a letting management service will have already heard it all, and since they are not emotionally tied to the properties, they are more equipped with finding the best available tenant for that landlord, and that particular property.

Take the stress out of being a landlord. Hire a fully managed letting management service company to handle every aspect of your rental property issues. Make sure they have a tenant find service which just might be one of the most important services you should be looking for, and that they can provide you with landlord guaranteed rent, or guaranteed rent insurance. Ensure that they use all of the landlord programs, and landlord solutions that a landlord property management company should be using. Become a landlord and reap the benefits of a company who knows how to be a landlord manager.

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It is always needed to read the fine print, an also ask as many questions. This is mainly the advice I would like to give to you, a potential Landlord or tenant. The amount of horror stories I have heard I feel obligated by my family and friends, to inform them the kind of things they should look out for and be aware of.