(I wrote this letter while I was writing my hero columns
to a boy who had just been badly burned and was very discouraged.)

Dear Precious One,

My friend told me what happened to you. That must have really hurt and I'm sure you have been wondering why all this has happened to you.

When something that feels so awful happens, it feels like we were singled out and we can start to feel bad about ourselves. But sometimes we are singled out in a much different way by God.

Imagine how God must see this.

He must have seen how strong of a boy you are, how much courage and spunk you have, to know he could trust you to go through what has just happened.

He knows that you will eventually begin to see that many people suffer in life, but that life isn't about suffering. it is about loving no matter what. And God knows that you will probably be angry about this but he knows that you also have a great deal of love in your heart.

There is such a thing as a sacred heart. It is a heart that is burning with love for God and all things God created. Perhaps God wants you someday to talk about that burning desire that people have to find him. And God may use you because who would be more perfect to do this job for him than you?

You, yes God has called you for a great task because he can see right into your heart. He trusts you with a big message he needs to get to people. That message is that life is all about that deep strong love, which you have.

I am praying for you and so proud of you for having the courage to accept the job God gave you.

There is a book I have written about heroes. People who do such brave things. You can become a hero, because you will have went through a true fire. And God is always looking for heroes. He is so pleased when he find those heroes like you.

Love to you sweet one, if you ever want to write to me, even with your questions, or fears or anger, I will listen.

Author's Bio: 

Terri Marie is an award winning producer and author. She has produced over 30 documentaries and works to inspire people to their greatness. Sign up for her Spiriual Arena ezine at www.spiritualarena.com