I have sex on the brain! Now, it's not what you think (or rather, I don't really know what you are thinking!) --- well, it is my "work" after all. It's also because I'm going to a talk on Friday night on how to talk to teenagers about sex. I'm interested in hearing what this woman has to say (and heard she was fabulous.)

And, we haven't gotten there, or here, yet together, have we? So far we've discussed clearing "withholds", appreciating each other, creating sacred space together. All foreplay!

For those of you feeling cautious (or wanting to escape right now) -- we're going to take this slowly. Tantra is about being s-l-o-w and conscious; awake, alert and paying attention.

So I simply want to ask you ONE QUESTION: What do you want when it comes to sex? In the deepest recesses of your heart, your body and your soul -- what do you want? Don't filter, make yourself wrong, or judge that first thought that popped into your mind just then. Go back, retrieve it again, and write it down. Send it to me!

But most of all, "send" it to your partner. Take all that you've learned in these emails thus far and communicate the answer to this all so important question -- what do you want? (By the way, I'm not asking you what your partner wants you to want; I want to know what YOU want.)


TANTRA TIP: Re-create that sacred space in your home. Pick a spot where the two of you enjoy being (perhaps a window looking onto a beautiful outdoor area) and bring chairs to that spot. Add some beautiful objects or flowers and bring your "talking stick" with you. It can be a stone, or a feather, or a crystal....something that feels good when you hold it. Sit face-to-face, take a deep breath and close your eyes. Make your breath audible so that you can hear each other breathing and begin to synchronize your inhale and exhale. Set the timer for 2 minutes. As you breathe together, open your heart and send a bubble of energy around you and your partner together. After the timer goes off, take turns using the talking stick and sharing the answer to the question above.

Author's Bio: 

Robyn Vogel, MA, LMHC, is an intimacy coach who serves the community by offering Tantra-infused counseling to couples, individuals and groups. For 20+ years, she has been supporting others in creating more love in their lives. She has been trained in several body-oriented modalities which support her spiritual approach to healing and her deep connection to this work: Reiki energy healing, Chakra-balancing, Internal Family Systems, yoga therapy, EMDR,and family mediation.

Robyn sees clients of all sexual orientations; and welcomes those who have chosen alternative relationship paths. She is particularly skilled when it comes to matters of the heart. Most people that meet Robyn appreciate her deep compassion, open heart, and the way she holds sacred space for the depth of the human experience. More information can be found at http://sacredtantricfire.com.