There is a nasty rumor in the business world. Coaches, healers, helpers, "well, 'those people' just aren't serious about business." I hear it all the time and there are some facts to back it up. Typically, helping professions earn less, focus less on numbers, and carry more debt.

According to The salary of a life coach is six figures for only 10 to 20 percent of coaches. Since the median salary for life coaches in the United States is only $30,000 to $40,000 per year, it means that there are a lot of coaches who are making much less than $30,000.

I want to be the rumor crusher — which means we have to get real, be willing to watch numbers, and be serious business owners, not hobbyists. Here are the GET REAL Rules of Business. Follow these and you will make a fortune and make a difference!

There are no refunds for being lazy

Just because I am a coach it doesn't mean I am responsible for you to show up, work hard, or succeed. We actually have people ask us to refund them for a program if they did not use it. This is not Wal-Mart. I want every one of you to have a refund policy and stick by it and stick to it. All businesses have policies and because we "help" people does not mean it is our responsibility to have someone show up for a call or open a notebook. I did my part. I created the product and delivered the program — clients have to do theirs. There are no refunds for being lazy.

If you have to say you are conscious — you may not be

There is a lot of conscious entrepreneur talk going around. It's never a good idea to fly your "conscious" flag. How about work hard, make lots, give back, and let others call you conscious? Focus on the goal: to have a profitable business. Conscious is a title you get — not one you give yourself. If you use your money to make a difference in your life and others, you will be more than conscious.

Know the definition of business

The definition of business is: Economic system in which goods and services are exchanged for one another or money, on the basis of their perceived worth. Every business requires some form of investment and a sufficient number of customers to whom its output can be sold at profit on a consistent basis.

Business is profit. Business is not to make you feel good, others feel good, build community, or otherwise — it is great when it does those things. That is a side effect and a beautiful one, but when you put those above profit you will struggle. You will make this hard and you will go broke. Profit first — then all the other missions.

You can only save so much

You have to invest to make a business work. From day one I spent money in and on my business. I worked two jobs to do it. You can decide where it comes from, but you better have a financial foundation for your business. 1) day job; 2) loan; 3) credit; 4) spouse support; 5)current revenue; and 6) savings. Have a plan to SPEND money in your business. It takes investment.

Don't throw like a girl

There is a lot of feminine energy talk these days. I am all for feminine energy and masculine energy and all energies, but don't let it be your primary message. People want results. They want a plan. They need to pay their bills, lose weight, get clients, or be happy. Talk results; not concepts.

Be pissed off regularly

If you are still reading this you may not hate me — yet. But I get pissed off a lot and in a good way. I use that to teach, to share, and to stop people from making the same mistakes I did. Use your opinions — don't hide them. People need more truth in business.

Get real or go home

This is business. This is entrepreneurship and it's not for the faint of heart. It is not for everybody and frankly, many people I meet should not go into business. They can have a big impact on the world in multiple ways, but being a business owner is not their best path. Be serious. Be ready. Be willing. Be committed. Business is one of the most beautiful (and scary) journeys you will ever take. Get real or go home.

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