I have dedicated the last decade of my life to the proposition that there are no bad employees...just bad leaders. Because my words have fallen on a number of deaf ears in the world of executive boardrooms, I have decided to start a Leadership Revolution.

The old, Traditional, Boomer ways of leading will not work anymore. The Great Depression is long forgotten and the Second World War will never be repeated. The world is on a path of technological and commercial growth that is unequalled and unstoppable. Computerization and other amazing new ways of doing things have cleared the way for a future that was only the stuff of science fiction novels and comic books just a few short decades ago. But...how many companies are poised and ready for the New Industrial Revolution? Is yours?

If you want to be a peak-performing manager and run a successful, growing company in the new millennium, you need to stop thinking like a manager from the fifties. You need to stop being a boss, and you need to stop treating employees like employees. Generation “Y” and future young workers will no longer accept an autocratic demanding management style. Young people will no longer work for bosses who treat them like second class citizens or worse.

In tomorrow’s world, successful companies will be run by teams of like-minded individuals who follow leaders that are inclusive, respectful, and examples of great industriousness. Leaders will only be allowed to continue leading if they understand what workers want and how to get the best from them. Those who cling to older, Boomer, managements styles will be left by the wayside or put out to pasture.


1. Right Person-Right Job...Everyone must be able to utilize their natural talents at work.
2. Boss is a team member...Leaders lead with charisma, managers manage by authority.
3. No two people are the same...Leaders must respect the varying skill levels of each person.
4. Ego is not part of leadership...Leaders are not better than their workers. They must accept and acknowledge that fact. Leaders must lead with humility and ask for help when they need it.
5. Communication is the key...Leaders must keep workers in the loop. Give them a lot of information to do their jobs and communicate victories and challenges universally.
6. Accountability must be maintained...Leaders and workers must understand that when a goal is agreed upon, it must be completed and if not, an alternate plan must be followed.
7. Leaders must be fair...Every employee brings a unique and valuable contribution to the workplace. Leaders must never play favourites and must recognize the contribution of every worker.
8. Servant-leadership...Leaders only exist to help their workers get their jobs done. Leaders must set an example by learning the jobs of their workers and rolling up their sleeves to assist.
9. Mutual respect...Workers and leaders must treat each other with respect and kindness without question. There is no room in successful organizations for strife, strikes, or negative behaviour.
10. Mutual goals...Workers and leaders must be chasing the same dream. Leaders must involve their workers in the planning and direction of the company and allow them to share in the success.


I will not stop promoting this concept until I lose the ability to talk, walk, and write. I believe that any organization can be successful if only they have the courage to admit that they have challenges that need to be addressed and that improvements must be made. Please open up your minds and listen.


If you believe you are doing everything right, I guarantee that you are not! If your numbers are going south and you are still blaming your workers, you are deluded. If you have high turnover and a disengaged workforce, you are not leading...you are not even managing. If your business is struggling and you don’t know why, you need help. If you are willing to admit that you are ultimately and completely responsible and accountable for the success of your company, division or work unit, you must look at how you are doing things and think about the ten points I have listed above.

The New Industrial Revolution is real and old time management methods will not work. Accept it and start managing for the new millennium. Only enlightened, engaged, charismatic leaders will survive and only companies that embrace the Leadership Revolution will grow and prosper into the depths of the twenty first century!

All The Best
Wayne Kehl

Author's Bio: 

Wayne Kehl is an author, lecturer, and behaviorist in British Columbia Canada. Find out more at www.dlionline.ca