As a child, we all do a lot of "make" believing. Recently, I've given some thought to that. After all, we are told to "become as little children," right?

One of the things that children do (besides laughing a lot, which we also should do) is to pretend, to make believe that given objects are something that they really are not, e.g., a stick becomes a gun, etc., "making" themselves believe that it really is, at least for as long as they are playing that scene.

Children make believe that they are teachers, doctors, builders, nurses, firemen, et al., and children who so pretend and target one particular profession on a regular basis usually end up with the reality of it as adults.

James 2:20 says "Faith without works is dead." We have to carry "making believe" to its ultimate level.

But be sure of this: Making believe at that level does not deny fact-it changes fact!

The object of your faith is rarely manifested instantaneously, unless you have developed your faith to perfection, and were that to be so, faith would not be required at all. We would be beyond it.

Faith requires tenacity. In most cases, it takes time to build belief into your heart-the kind of belief in which there is no room for doubt to get a foothold.

We have to fill our cups full of belief with the positive speech of prayer, and then there is no room in there for doubt to stick even a toe in the door.

Jesus got instantaneous results, because there was no doubt in his heart from the git-go. That should be our objective. But we cannot get the doubt out without denying it room to grow.

We have to fill our minds and hearts with graphic visions of the objects of our faith to see its fruition.

When a farmer plants seeds, he has a vision of seeing rows and rows of that crop growing and flourishing in his fields, profusely yielding many times over the small number of seeds that he actually sowed.

But he also knows that he isn't going to see the fruition of that vision the day after he plants the seeds. He realizes that there is going to be a long period of time during which he needs to fertilize and nurture the crop along from Day 1.

Eventually, the seeds sprout, and the farmer is encouraged by the growth he sees daily. And do you know what? If that farmer will speak positive growth encouragement over his crop, he will realize a more bountiful harvest than if he doesn't!

Yes, it has been proven that plants, being living things, respond to kind, loving words directed their way! Isn't that awesome to realize?

If the farmer has the vision, he can speak encouragement to those plants and tell them that he sees them bursting forth with lush, healthy foliage and luscious yields of fruit or vegetables.

This is the earth and the world the Lord has made... and isn't it a glorious thing to behold and experience and experiment with?

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